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Saturday, January 31 2015


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Have you made any New Year's resolutions? Avoid stress, exercise more, live healthier, spend less? For those with the good intention of having a well organized and tidy wardrobe or those who wish to gain an overview, not always wearing the same, or would like to make the most out of their closet, Ana Maria Haldimann, Style Coach and personal shopper, has put together her five best tips:

  1. De-clutter two times a year. Best done at the end of each season. Then all are reminded of articles that actually have never been worn. These items are first to be questioned. Classics such as the leather jacket, black blazer and white blouse remain. Eccentric, odd, or patterned throw out. If you haven’t worn a piece in two years, chances are it’ll remain in the closet the next four.

2. Organize the closet. Many organize by summer and winter             clothing. In addition, the wardrobe can be divided into office, evening, leisure or holiday and sorted by color.

Ana Style Styling Beratung Zürich Personal Shopper
Ana Style Styling Beratung Zürich Stylistin
Ana Style Styling Beratung Zürich Outift
Ana Style Styling Beratung Zürich Kleiderauswahl
Ana Style Styling Beratung Zürich Kleiderschrank

3. Procure key pieces. There are a few pieces of clothing that one simply must have in the closet: The white blouse, dark blazer, jeans, and of course, the little black dress.

4. Utilize accessories. Anyone who cleverly uses accessories can change a whole look with just one piece. Depending on the occasion, a dress can be suitable for leisure and for dinner in the evening.

5. Remain true to your unique style. Experiments are good. But knowing your own style is better. Ask yourself what suits your figure best - which colors flatter your complexion, and if you’re dressed appropriately or even over-dressed.

The experienced stylist is available on request and offers personal advice and support. She helps sort through and create space in the wardrobe, locates sources for your personal style, even purchases outfits for special occasions. Not only does Ana have a keen sense of fashion and good style, she is, incidentally, incredibly personable. Together with her, even the chore of tackling the wardrobe would be quite enjoyable.

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Ana Style – Your personal wardrobe stylist
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