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Friday, November 13 2015


Dufourstrasse 131
8008 Zurich-District 8
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+41 76 564 17 75

I love the stories of so-called "mompreneurs" - mothers who, after an unsuccessful search for a beautiful and functional product, unceremoniously and without further ado go into production and start their own business.

Practical and beautiful. That was also the starting point that triggered Denisa Furustol’s EJDØ venture in Zurich's Seefeld. EJDØ represents 'personalized using fabric' and is made up of the initials of their family members. It all started with a couple of gym bags and snack bags - Znüni-Säckli - that Denisa first produced only for her children and their friends. Beautiful and tasteful bags, unique and unmistakable in fabric design, personalized and useful at the same time.

No wonder that the orders, which have only ever used word-of-mouth advertising, increased much over time. Denisa further developed her product range and launched an online store: Apart from the popular bags EJDØ now offers a wide variety of textiles for children and adults, more recently combined with leather. Bags, backpacks, knapsacks, toiletry bags, blankets and pillows - everything can be embroidered according to one’s personal preferences with various fonts and colors, personalized with embroidered text and more than fifty materials to choose from online. However, she stresses that everyone is welcome, as before, to pass by in person, since there’s a larger selection in the studio than online.

EJDO Zürich Bestickter Beutel
EJDO Zürich besticktes Kissen
EJDO Zürich  Sportbeutel
EJDO Zürich Täschchen mit Name
EJDO Zürich Turnbeutel
EJDO Zürich Mäppchen
EJDO Zürich Sportbeutel mit Name
EJDO Zürich Kosmetiktäschchen
EJDO Zürich Kissen

I personally have my eye on the baby hooded towel and sheet music bag, which is meant for music lessons and accordingly made to fit music notebooks. Although I have recently given up piano lessons, the bag is simply eye-catching!

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