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Thursday, September 03 2015


Fotostudio Barbara Sigg
Lessingstrasse 13
8002 Zurich-District 2
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+ 41 76 399 21 90

Portrait photo shoots for singles, couples or families
as well as business portraits

After recently having a third child, I finally fulfilled a long, sought after wish: a family photo shooting. After the birth of our youngest son, I seized the opportunity and made an appointment with Barbara Sigg, one of the best portrait photographers Zurich has to offer. "If not now, then when?" I thought to myself.

So on the likely single rainy Saturday of the summer-of-the-century, we arrived at her studio at Schulhausstrasse in Enge, somewhat intimidated by the unfamiliar atmosphere. In particular, the room with the white screen, lit solely by photo lamps left the children a first great impression. But as soon as Barbara greeted us in her warm, unobtrusive way, there was a welcoming, intimate air. Shortly after the children discovered a few props including fungi, a spotted stool, and a royal chair they could hardly wait for the shooting.

Barbara then questions our preferences: black or white background, color or black-and-white photos and the configurations we prefer. We opt for the white background, colored, and black and white photographs as well as multiple combinations - the family as a whole, of course, children with mum, dad and children, then the young men alone without their elders.

Barbara Sigg Photography Handwerker
Barbara Sigg Photography Sportler
Barbara Sigg Photography Portrait
Barbara Sigg Photography Familienfoto
Barbara Sigg Photography Kinder
Barbara Sigg Photography Vater und Kind
Barbara Sigg Photography Mann
Barbara Sigg Photography schwarz weiß Portrait
Barbara Sigg Photography schwarz weiß

It took less than a couple of minutes with all the clowning around and Barbara taking the shots. I thought to myself, there can't be any decent images. I wonder whether she captured at least one image where we all look reasonably sensible without any pulled faces or grimaces? But as could be seen the following day, we received a number of pictures where we, not only look quite decent, but somehow perfectly staged.

On my computer I click through the images, which have been created with much humor and warmth, that I truly cherish. Of course I couldn't just leave it at that and I send a few shots to a girlfriend, who also had a family shooting in mind. With conviction I write to her and recommend Barbara wholeheartedly. I've made up my mind: from now on every summer when the family is relaxed after the holidays and are all nicely tanned, we'll appear again before her camera.

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Barbara Sigg Photography – Put in the best light
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