LOOX Photostudio by Adriana Tripa „Your best image“

Friday, January 22 2016


LOOX Photostudio by Adriana Tripa
Rämistrasse 2
Zurich-District 1
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"Your best look and a great photograph can be life changing," is the motto of Adriana Tripa, internationally renowned photographer, make-up artist and stylist, who with her camera has already shot several big names from business to politics, sport, and show business. Among them, megastars such as supermodel Kate Moss, movie star Uma Thurman, Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, and Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima.

As I enter her studio on the first floor above the Kronenhalle at Bellevue in Zurich, I immediately sense a feeling of LA, which is not surprising considering her many years of international experience in one of the world’s largest metropolises. For more than ten years she has lived in Paris, London, Zurich, New York and LA, working for publications, advertising and the film industries. A chaotic period, during which she acquired all the secret "Hollywood Tricks" to bring the face in perfect light.

"A good portrait needs, above all, a perfect eye," explains Adriana, who never just simply photographs her customers. She effectively brings out the best in a person’s appearance. "Makeup is a real power tool that can extremely alter the appearance of a person," she says. Underlining one’s inherent beauty, rejuvenation, anything is possible. Her before and after pictures best prove this. Photoshop is not an option for her. I became more excited to undergo the transformation.

LOOX Fotostudio Adriana Tripa Styling
LOOX Fotostudio Adriana Tripa Fotografin
LOOX Fotostudio Adriana Tripa vorher nachher
LOOX Fotostudio Adriana Tripa Fotoshooting und Styling
Adriana Tripa Fotografie Zürich Portrait
LOOX Fotostudio Adriana Tripa Portrait
Adriana Tripa Fotografie Zürich Mann
Adriana Tripa Fotografie Zürich Portrait Mann

Adriana assessed my physiognomy faultlessly and then applied a modest amount of very fine, subtle makeup and loose powder. She then focused on my eyes. With a few brushstrokes they changed my expression enormously. Lovely, friendly, open. Patiently she focuses on my face and explains how my eye shape can achieve a certain effect with lightness and shade in the right places. It was really amazing. I wasn’t aware that my eyes could have such an effect, particularly with my eye shape.

The way she applies makeup reminds me rather of drawing or painting. Very fine - a brush stroke here, a little powder there, and surprisingly little color used. The interesting thing is that the right effect is best achieved mainly with use of light and shadow. The tired expression on my face has completely disappeared. The make-up makes me appear ten years younger. For the perfect look, the only thing missing now is the hairstyle and clothes.

Adriana, of course, also deals with that before the photo-shoot. With just a few tweaks and some hairspray she brings my hair to life: vibrant and shiny. Finally, she gave me advice in selecting the appropriate wardrobe to perfect my look.

Perfectly styled, now onto the photo shoot in the next room. Adriana gives me explicit instructions on how to stand and in which direction to look, reminding me again and again about being "present". That same evening she sent me a selection of images. The most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of myself. The best make-up professionally photographed! The experience was sublime. Which, by the way, would make for an ideal birthday or Christmas gift.

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LOOX Photostudio by Adriana Tripa – „Your best image“
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