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Wednesday, September 10 2014

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He knows Apple products almost better than anyone else. He creates highly professional websites and home entertainment solutions are his latest pursuit. The man I refer to is Sam Bolleter, owner of Bolleter-Lab, center of competence where companies and individuals are given well-versed IT consulting advice.

He has always been extremely enthusiastic about Apple Computers and its products, for which his curiosity was piqued already at a young age. Can you still remember when you used the first Apple device? For Sam it was in 1984 when his father bought a Macintosh, one of the first in Switzerland, consequently laying the foundation for his persistent and enduring interest.

Over the years, Sam has acquired a large amount of knowledge about all Apple technology and offers support to both companies and private clients in selecting, installing and optimizing the devices used. I can say from my own experience with him that my system is now a breeze.

However, offering Apple advice and support is not his only asset. Sam also creates professional websites, which he has already accomplished with many well-known businesses. His customers particularly appreciate the extensive knowledge he has acquired during his years as an IT manager in the advertising industry including, among others, the largest and prestigious advertising agencies 'Weber, Hodel, Schmid' and 'Publicis' in Switzerland.

His latest, above mentioned, preoccupation is home entertainment solutions and intelligent networking regarding home stereo and TV. Thus, music, film and television can be played throughout the house - from the living room through the bedroom, in the kitchen, bathroom, and office. Operation via iPhone or iPad makes handling the system impressively simple. One area that does indeed interest me, but I was lacking professional consultation until now.

But it needs to be said that Sam is not only professional and knowledgeable about almost everything in regards to IT. Above all, he accepts the challenges and needs of each individual client, which is what I personally appreciate the most.

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