Zazatam Green metropolitan oasis with fine food and creative drinks

Wednesday, June 28 2023

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Mittwoch bis Samstag 17-2 Uhr


Hillerstraße 2
1020 Vienna-district 2
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+43 670 602 29 97

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The name sounds magical, and so are the dishes and drinks served here. Zazatam is located in a magnificent property on an idyllic street in the second district. The sprawling garden with cosy terrace makes it the ideal summer location.

The street becomes quieter and quieter until suddenly, on the left, a stately home appears. Voices and the clatter of cutlery emanate from the softly lit garden. Garden is not really the right word, it is almost a small park that surrounds the building.

A former officers' casino, we learn as we are led to our table on the terrace. Instead of gambling, people now indulge in good food and drink: a few years ago, the Zazatam moved into this green metropolitan oasis hidden not far from the Prater in the 2nd district.

The evening is still young, the air is summery and we start with a round of drinks. The bar manager plays with French (he comes from Lyon) and Japanese ("very exciting spirits scene") flavours and mixes them with influences from all over the world.

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The result tastes great. In the Bitter Plum, Japanese plum liqueur meets citrus and tonic, in the Soil Food mezcal meets tonka chamomile syrup.

By the time we have ordered, our drinks are almost empty - everything just sounds good, the decision is correspondingly difficult. We could have made it easy on ourselves and ordered the four-course tasting menu..

But since we really want to try the spaghetti with lime and pistachio pesto that the bartender recommended and I also discovered Crispy Artichoke on the menu, we decide to put together our own menu. The menu at Zazatam starts with small snacks to share, followed by pasta, then main courses with fish, meat or vegetarian.

We start with said artichoke - little crunchy pieces dipped in cashew cream. A favourite of the evening! Certainly also because of the Magic Dust, which is powdered on top and whose magical preparation remains a secret, of course. The other starters were also spiced with magic: the tender pulpo is bedded on purple carrot puree, the beef tartar (from old dairy cows) comes to the table with freshly steamed bao buns.

There are surprising flavours to discover on every plate. Even the green salad, which my companion (not usually one for "greens") eats enthusiastically. The reason for the enthusiasm: lemony wild herbs, but above all wasabi grapes and quinoa chips, which provide crunch.

The pasta is al dente and creamy, we are actually quite full and yet delighted when our main courses arrive. Here, too, flavours from all over the world are creatively and surprisingly combined. From mole to miso, beef tongue to aubergine.

I eat cod with chard, dashi and "forbidden" black rice. So called because in the past only the Chinese emperor was allowed to eat it. Fortunately, those days are long gone, so it now sits creamy on my plate, where it makes a perfect accompaniment to the succulent steamed fish.

The desserts at Zazatam are just as fun. And again they play with the familiar: There are churros - the fried dough sticks popular in Spain and Latin America - and popcorn, here as ice cream. The kitchen team serves fermented pineapple with the vegan coconut flan.

Those who like can also have their dessert in liquid form: In the form of a pimped mango lassi or as a café bonbon with coconut milk and rum. The garden eventually quiets down, but Zazatam's bar, located in the opulently decorated rooms in the basement, is open until the early hours of the morning.

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Zazatam – Green metropolitan oasis with fine food and creative drinks
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