Tart’a tata the modern French pâtisserie in Vienna

Wednesday, March 23 2022

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm


Tart’a tata
Lindengasse 35
1070 Wien Vienna
.How to get there


Meislstraße 59
1140 Wien


0043 1 526 656 26 1

In a hurry, I tried to find a quieter alley than Mariahilfer Strasse on Saturday to get to my destination. Lately, there have been many people on the road again, but instead of finding a shortcut, I had to call my appointment to move it back... Because I stumbled across the most wonderful French pâtisserie you can imagine. And when I say imagine, I mean imagine. Because it's precisely as small as you'd imagine a French patisserie to be. Three tables, a mini counter and a shelf. But what is to be discovered in this showcase are the most incredible French delicacies. Of course, macarons and eclairs smile at you, but next to them, there are little sweet French masterpieces that are second to none.

I opted for an almond delicacy that I would have loved to lie down in, so wonderfully fluffy was the cake part. The almond icing melted on the palate and into endless taste bud experiences. My best friend, who doesn't like chocolate - yes, there is that... strangely opted for a chocolate tart. When I gave her a puzzled look, she said it looked like it wouldn't be so sweet and wouldn't taste just like chocolate. And that's exactly what it was. I quote: "Best chocolate tart ever", she said. And because the three tables are indeed a bit small, and so is the space, owner Victoria Wiesner decided to create a larger café. So now there is the second tart'a tata Penzing in the 14th district on Meiselstraße.
In contrast to the city centre, croques and breakfast on étagères are also served on Sundays. I admit it, I'm not a believer, but the étagères are adorable and so wonderful that you want to believe in a French pastry god. One of these breakfast marvels includes 1 piece of fruit tart, homemade jam, yoghurt with granola & fruit, homemade spread, raw vegetables, cold cuts, cheese & butter, soft organic egg, pastry & mini croissant, Prosecco on tap (optional with cassis) 0.1l or homemade lemonade 0.25l or freshly squeezed orange juice.

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My tip: Pre-ordering is necessary, otherwise even praying won't help!

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Tart’a tata – the modern French pâtisserie in Vienna
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