Rami Tea house and ceramics studio

Tuesday, December 05 2023

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Tuesday to Saturday 10-18


rami tea
Lerchenfelder Straße 94-98
1080 Vienna-district 8
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Volkertplatz 15

The enjoyment of tea begins long before the first sip. It starts with a skilfully crafted cup, careful preparation and the fragrance that slowly spreads. This tea enjoyment is celebrated at the Rami tea house. In addition to the finest tea rarities, there are also accessories such as cups for the home tea ceremony. You can also make them yourself in the Rami ceramics studio if you like.

From ceramic studio to tea house. It is an obvious step, after all, tea and beautiful ceramics belong together. In 2018, the three friends Anouk, Teresa, and Kate opened their Rami Ceramics Studio. Between shelves filled with blanks, they potter, paint and mould.

The courses on offer are aimed at beginners and advanced potters alike. They range from weekend workshops to evening courses lasting several weeks. Experienced artists can use the rooms, including tools and machines, for their own work during opening hours.

In 2022, the tea house in the 8th district was added, with which the three want to bring "special loose leaf tea into people's homes and teacups". Around 30 varieties - all single origin - can be tasted in the Rami tea house: green, black, white, oolong teas and much more.

Rami Teehaus und Keramikstudio Wien-3
Rami Teehaus und Keramikstudio Wien-4
Rami Teehaus und Keramikstudio Wien-5
Rami Teehaus und Keramikstudio Wien-1
Rami Teehaus und Keramikstudio Wien-7

Among them are many rarities. Vietnamese white tea, for example, for which the leaves are picked from wild tea trees that are many hundreds of years old. Wild blueberry leaf tea from Georgia or matcha from Uji in Japan, which is considered the home of the world's best matcha powder.

The tea can be enjoyed on-site in the puristically stylish shop. While enjoying the tea, you will also learn how the teas are best brewed and served to unfold their full flavour and aroma potential.

If you want, you can also stock up for home. The tea can then be enjoyed on the couch at home in a homemade cup. Or in one of the artistically decorated bowls that are also available at the Rami tea house, along with other accessories.

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