Meinklang Hofladen Down-to-earth dishes made from the best products and treats for home

Tuesday, May 16 2023

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Meinklang Hofladen
Margaretenstraße 58
1050 Wien Vienna-district 5
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The jam bread sums it up. "A great bread, the best butter we can get and homemade jam," says chef Thomas, who is responsible for this simple but tasty creation. The bread is made from two different old varieties of wheat, which - like all the grain - are grown on the Michlits brothers' farm. The butter comes from happy Demeter pasture cows and the jam is made with sweet plums from their own orchards.

About 80 kilometres southeast of Vienna, between Lake Neusiedl and the Hungarian border, Werner, Hannes and Lukas run their Demeter farm Meinklang. One of them has devoted himself to wine, the second cultivates the fields and the third looks after the animals. A happy symbiosis - not only in terms of the interests of the three brothers, but also in terms of their joint work on the farm. Everything is connected: Man, animal, nature. An eternal, fruitful cycle - once a usual matter in agriculture, now unfortunately the exception.

The area around Lake Neusiedl is always worth a trip, and the Meinklang siblings also offer guided tours of the farm on request. To enable the Viennese to enjoy their products every day, they have had their own farm shop in Vienna since the beginning of the year - so you only have to go to the 5th district for a trip to the country.

Meinklang Hofladen Wien
Hofladen Meinklang

Colourful turnips, round courgette, fennel with a proud, bushy head and salads in beautiful shades of green are stored in plain wooden crates. The house's own grain is freshly ground in the cellar and baked in the open bakery into sourdough breads, wafer-thin crispbread, focaccia and sweet bites. The vanilla buns and the profiteroles filled with cream and berries are a dream.

Lard from their own Mangalitza pigs is used for the süße Mäuse and the husarenkrapferl. The meat of the animals is of course also available for purchase. In addition to pork, there are also pieces of Angus beef, sausage, salami and meat loaf. If minced meat is ordered, the team starts the meat grinder.

Herbs, fruit and vegetables are pickled or cooked into sauces, chutneys and jams. Breakfast is served until noon, and from the afternoon onwards there is a small lunch menu. Down-to-earth food made from the best ingredients. Chef Thomas, who after many years in Michelin-starred gastronomy was no longer in the mood for fancy cuisine ("Sößchen here, Pünktchen there"), now serves beetroot carpaccio with curd cheese, fried lettuce with breadcrumb butter and wild garlic capers or mangalitza loin with bread salad.

Dishes that convince through their simplicity. Reduced to the essentials, so that the products used are allowed to shine in their flavourful diversity. Who needs wacky breakfast creations when you can get jam bread like this? Or yoghurt with muesli, roasted here from our own oats and accompanied only by sweet strawberries and quince compote?

The drinks menu also focuses on homemade (spiked hay syrup!) and products from the farm (single-variety juices, wines, original beer made from the farm's own grain).

Like the menu, the décor is pleasantly reduced: A successful blend of rustic farmhouse charm and modern design. In the garden you can sit among fragrant herbs and tomato bushes. Young plants are also available for purchase on site. For my part, I first stocked up on plum jam. And what more do you need: great bread and the best butter?

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Meinklang Hofladen – Down-to-earth dishes made from the best products and treats for home
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