Grey Kaffee Pistachio croissants and Speciality Coffee

Wednesday, April 10 2024

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Monday to Friday 7-17
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Grey Kaffee
Kalvarienberggasse 32
1170 Vienna-district 17
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Not far from Elterleinplatz in the 17th district is Grey Kaffee, a speciality coffee shop with Vienna's first vegan pistachio cornetto. The latter is the café's flagship, so to speak. The small café with just a few tables, the bright blue façade and the minimalist interior has made a name for itself since its opening with its excellent croissants with a wide variety of fillings.

We also come here regularly for a crispy puff pastry croissant. They are filled to the brim with the finest pistachio cream, apricot jam, raspberry jelly or chocolate; some are also vegan. They are made in a Sicilian factory and baked fresh daily at Grey Kaffee.

But it's not just the cornetti that should attract you to the 17th district, the rest of the range is also popular with breakfast fans or during afternoon breaks. In addition to delicious cakes and brownies, there are bagels with meaty or vegan fillings from Budapest Bägel, probably the city's best-known bagel store.

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And how do you combine these delicious snacks if not with a hot cup of coffee? Grey Kaffee buys its coffee beans directly from small coffee farmers in Nicaragua and Tanzania. These are then used to make coffee creations from the company's organic roast blend. The cappuccino is excellent, and even though many people may frown upon it, a cornetto is also delicious when dipped in the creamy milk foam of the coffee.

Whether for breakfast, coffee and cake in the afternoon or simply in between, Grey Kaffee has definitely conquered a firm place in the Viennese café landscape.

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