Petz im Gußhaus Viennese Restaurant Culture Meets Fusion Cuisine

Monday, March 09 2015

Opening Times

Tuesday till Saturday 11.30-24.00
Kitchen closes at 22.00


Petz im Gußhaus
Gußhausstraße 23
1040 Vienna-district 4
.How to get there


+43 1 504 47 50

price level

Summer vacation from July 12
till August 17, 2015

After a mere two months on the food horizon, stars could not shine brighter for Petz im Gußhaus. Dinner reservations are booked solid four weeks in advance, but even during lunch time, tables are fully seated – it seems as if Vienna has been waiting for Christian Petz to finally arrive. His career reads like a 'who’s who' of haute cuisine from the North Sea through the Alps to Vienna where he has finally fulfilled his dream of his own restaurant.

As soon as we enter, the bar with its shiny, brass-colored taps is the first thing that catches our eyes. In this front area, even smoking is still allowed. The walls carry dark wood paneling. Tables clothed in white with pastel-colored cups and fresh tulips on them make for an inviting picture. A typical Viennese restaurant scenery, we thought, followed by awe when we took a first glance at the menu. 'Exotic, unusual' according to one, 'Fusion' says another, 'whatever crosses my mind' states the chef. He does not give in to being categorized, instead he cracks a smile and reassures he's always up for surprises.

Restaurant Petz im Gusshaus Wien Gastraum
Restaurant Petz im Gusshaus Wien Interieur

So we take pot luck and start off with a less exotic creamed soup of caraway, potato and quail eggs because my native companion got nostalgic just thinking of it. The creamy texture alone almost qualifies for a main course and impresses visually with its topping of fresh herbs. The widely praised 'Vitello Dorschato', Dorsch being German for cod, impresses with tender, softly pink veal and the classic delicate sauce that tastes just as outstanding when prepared with cod liver.

Yuzu carrots with creamed ravioli are met with a deeply enthused 'oh, how nice...', while the fiery pepper sauce alongside sautéed octopus and its refreshing orange fennel counterpart make for an exciting and truly exotic combination. While we indulge in our food, we get to cast a glance or two at what the lovely staff continuously serves to the surrounding tables – each plate a feast for the eyes!

For dessert, we choose to go with the waiter's second recommendation and pick the classic plum turnover and cardamom pear crowned by a strong Café Grandoro. We decide to save Gußhauskaffee, our waiter's first recommendation, for our second visit when we will make sure to come prepared for stronger spirits. We were astonished to hear the table next to us ask whether the desserts were 'the usual' – having people ask for 'the usual' after only two months clearly marks regular guests. Congratulations to Christian Petz and his team!

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