Extremely small, extremely good! Coffee-Shop Kaffeemodul

Wednesday, May 11 2022

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 7.30-17.30
Saturday 10-14


Josefstädter Straße 35
1080 Vienna-district 8
.How to get there


+43 680 2228039

The smell of freshly ground coffee is simply incomparable. Not to say universal and associated all over the world with pleasure, that little bit of bitterness and a dash of love. Yet, each bean has its own origin, each its own taste. Each cup tells a story, and in Vienna, of course, it tells a very special story.

And the smallest of Vienna's coffee houses is on Josefstätterstraße. Kaffeemodul is the name of the excellent piece, and it is perfect for all kinds of coffee enjoyment. A quick one in passing, a small treat for in between or a cappuccino while sitting down. The fact is that the coffee here tastes extraordinarily fantastic and leaves almost heavenly flavours on the palate.

One thing has to be said, the Kaffeemodul is almost undetectable. In our hectic world, it's easy to walk past it (unless you're looking for handmade Italian shoes, but that's another story). Instead, you have to follow the smell of coffee in your nose or simply stroll through with your eyes open, because it is small but delicate and almost in the middle of Josefstätterstraße.

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Speciality coffee from their own roastery, nomi coffee, is served here. Espresso is served, with or without milk, as well as filter coffee. You can also buy their own coffee beans, brewing accessories and Baratza coffee grinders. And a cookie to go with it. Nothing else. "We make coffee. Everything else should be done by others," say Valentin and Boris.

And that's not by chance: Valentin as Austrian Brewers Cup Champion 2016 and Boris as Austrian Cup Tasting Champion 2016 and with the 4th place in the World Cup Tasting Championship 2016 in the coffee world are high-dosed men who know their craft. So this coffee is definitely worth looking out for: incredibly creamy crema, round, full-bodied, but crisp taste - simply perfect.

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Extremely small, extremely good! – Coffee-Shop Kaffeemodul
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