Café Menta A living room in the third

Tuesday, October 11 2022

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Monday to Sunday: 8:30am - midnight


Café Menta
Radetzkyplatz 4
1030 Vienna-district 3
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+43 (0) 1 966 84 23

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Christina Jennewein calls Radetzkyplatz an "open living room", but Café Menta, located directly on the square and run by Christina for several years, is just as homely and most likely fits even better to this metaphor.

It is one of those places where you immediately feel at home: after entering, you are greeted warmly. Discreet, dreamy music in the background. Take a seat by the large window.

You can choose between watching the rain pelting down on the asphalt outside or enjoying the sun shining inside. The furnishings are a mixture of flea market and industrial chic, with plenty of green plants - living room flair.

Just like at home, the kitchen is (almost) never closed. It starts with a colourful breakfast menu, and throughout the day, various delicacies are served for small and large appetites. Mondays to Fridays, there is a changing lunch menu in addition to the regular menu. Only in the afternoon does the kitchen team take a short break, but that's the time for coffee and cake anyway.

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Café Menta serves baked classics like those from grandma's kitchen. But, with all the love for fine patisserie and exotic cake creations - sometimes it has to be sheet cake! What is not baked by the bakers themselves comes from "Jugend am Werk", an association that works with young people who have difficulties in the traditional job market.

The budding bakers also supply the buns for the burgers. The signature dish is the colourfully filled menta rolls, and because the chef comes from Thailand, there is also an excellent Pad Thai.

Christina recommends the picnic for breakfast - "a big plate with a muffin and all kinds of spreads" - so there's plenty to try, and it's precisely to my taste. The idea of serving scrambled eggs in combination with sweet potatoes as a muffin is something I'll keep in mind for home: It's fluffy, almost like a soufflé, delicious and a good idea for the next (real) picnic.

Classic egg dishes are also on the menu, such as the green meadow with spinach and feta served in a small pan. For savoury, try Camilla & Charles (bacon, egg and beans); for sweet, there's pastry and yoghurt. My breakfast dessert is soft house bread with homemade chocolate-nut spread.

After the meal, I just sit, read the newspaper, drink coffee, and work on my laptop. As if I were at home, in my own living room.

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