The Guest House Vienna Lavish Hospitality in Brasserie and Bakery

Thursday, September 03 2015

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6.30 till 24.00
365 days


The Guest House Vienna
Brasserie & Bakery
Führichgasse 10
1010 Vienna-district 1
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+43 1 512 13 20 15

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I've been a fan of The Guest House Vienna and its all-day breakfast as it is. Their eggs Florentine and those smoothies, be it the yellow, green or red one, are my favorites for a good start into the day! And the cheesecake alone is worth a visit. But tonight, we'll focus solely and entirely on dinner at the Brasserie & Bakery, where a three-course sample menu lays ahead of us.

On this mild summer night, we are able to get a table out front where we are taken care of by sommelière Franziska, who proves to have a sense for perfect wine pairings. But we start off with the house aperitif: „Burschik's Vienna Classic“, combining Vermouth with ginger ale and fresh lime juice. Crispy fresh! Before she heads back to the kitchen to pass our orders, Franziska asks about any preferences and allergies. We challenge the kitchen, mentioning lactose- and fructose-allergies, thus cancelling the planned tomato salad.

It is impressive to see how effortless the kitchen switched from their original plans to serving us an impromptu veal tartar with fresh chanterelles and roasted caper blossoms. Franziska recommends a white cuvée from Coteaux du Languedoc, fittingly named „La Brise Marine“. And while we wish for an actual sea breeze to blow through our hair, the wine-induced palatal breeze makes for a perfect refreshment and flavor highlight.

The Guesthouse Vienna Brasserie Bakery Frühstück
The Guesthouse Vienna Brasserie Bakery Fisch
The Guesthouse Vienna Brasserie Bakery Geflügel
The Guesthouse Vienna Brasserie Bakery Terrasse
The Guesthouse Vienna Brasserie Bakery Tisch
The Guesthouse Vienna Brasserie Bakery Innenraum
The Guesthouse Vienna Brasserie Bakery Bar

The main course falls into line perfectly. Another veritable highlight, we would have never ordered Duroc Pork Belly considering the temperature on this hot summer day. All doubts, however, vanish in a second when we taste the soft meat that practically melts on the tip of your tongue. Perfection on the side: variations of avocado that epitomize summer. A Pinot Noir from the thermal region completes the picture, overwhelming us and proving once more Franziska's competence.

It all culminates with a final glass of 2005 “Schloss Graf Hardeggl“ late harvest Riesling Reserve that really leaves nothing open, even posing a bit of a distraction from the actual dessert. Although homemade ice cream with vineyard peaches au gratin are in no way less impressive. We are also certain that neither kitchen, nor service rank behind the hotel standards in any way. At all times of the day or night, you will be welcomed warmly and perfectly taken care of in no time. We love all of this!

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The Guest House Vienna – Lavish Hospitality in Brasserie and Bakery
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