Mas-Tava Upscale fish and meat specialities at the Asamhof

Tuesday, February 20 2024

Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday 12-14.30 and 18-0


MAS | TAVA - fish & steak
Sendlinger Straße 28
80331 Munich-Altstadt
.How to get there


+49 89 66055686

The new Mas-Tava restaurant in Munich's old town, which opened at the beginning of 2024, serves straightforward product cuisine focusing on fish and meat specialities. The team comes from the world of Michelin-starred gastronomy, and the ingredients are sourced from the best producers in Europe. The result is fine cuisine at a sophisticated level with a highly trained service team.

In art and architecture, eclecticism describes the marvellous phenomenon of using different styles to create a new, great whole from individual components. This ability to combine the best of different areas to form a successful whole can also be found in the culinary world.

The Mas-Tava restaurant combines tried and tested components of successful gastronomy. Firstly, there is the high-quality food. The ingredients for dishes such as tuna tartare, Wagyu roast beef or duck breast are all top quality. Each course is prepared by chef Thomas Rockstroh and his team with impeccable technique and is beautifully presented.

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Thomas Rockstroh's penchant for seafood dishes, steak cuts and fish dishes can be explained by his former place of work, the sister restaurant Wolfsbarsch just outside Munich.

Sommelier and restaurant manager Maximilian Hausmann serves the perfect wine to accompany each course. Among the more than 500 items at Mas-Tava, there are also real rarities, such as sparkling wine from the Palatinate from Christmann & Kauffmann, which only produces around 330 bottles annually. Or the Tuscan Salicutti wine from the Munich couple Sabine and Felix Eichbauer, owners of the legendary Michelin-starred restaurant Tantris.

The location in the centre of the peaceful Asam courtyard, with its classic, modern furnishings, is also a good choice at Mas-Tava. Comfortable designer chairs meet cosy seating niches, gleaming gold wallpaper and subtle lighting. If you prefer a more intimate setting, take a seat in the adjoining room, which can be hired exclusively for up to twelve people.

And finally, the excellent service at Mas-Tava completes the overall picture. The young team previously worked mainly in Munich's Michelin-starred restaurants and works with as much dedication as professionalism. We have rarely seen a better gastronomic work of art.

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Mas-Tava – Upscale fish and meat specialities at the Asamhof
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