Tantris Munich's most legendary star cuisine

Wednesday, May 04 2022

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Wednesday to Saturday: noon - 4.00pm and 6.30pm - midnight


Johann-Fichte-Straße 7
80805 Munich-Schwabing
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+ 49 89 361 959 0

There is probably a no more legendary restaurant in Munich than Tantris. Located in an admittedly less elite residential area of Schwabing, it has been considered a gourmet temple, a meeting place for numerous socialites and a showcase for service and quality since it opened in 1971.

For its 50th anniversary, in 2021, there was a significant remodelling, which, however, turned out to be quite soft for reasons of monument protection and the long-standing tradition of the house. Lobster red and truffle black still dominate the interior as striking colours, and the entrance is lined with Far Eastern-inspired stone figures that lend the restaurant something museum-like, but seem fitting. After all, the name Tantris stands for the search for perfection and comes from the Indian-Buddhist cultural circle.

According to the house's philosophy, everything still revolves around craftsmanship, hospitality and great culinary art - the excellent dishes of star chefs like Heinz Winkler, Eckart Witzigmann and Hans Haas, who made Tantris what it is today, are unforgettable.

Tantris DNA I Kathrin Koschitzki
Tantris Maison Culinaire I Bar I Kathrin Koschitzki
Tantris Maison Culinaire I Wilson Ortiz
Tantris Maison Culinaire I Wilson Ortiz (6)
Tantris Maison Culinaire I Kathrin Koschitzki
Tantris Maison Culinaire I Wilson Ortiz (4)
Tantris Maison Culinaire I Mike Krueger
Tantris Maison Culinaire I Wilson Ortiz (3)

One new feature is the division into two different restaurants under the Maison Culinaire umbrella brand: the Tantris DNA with an à la carte kitchen and a star at the back left of the building. And the Tantris with two stars in the front part of the building, where only multi-course menus are served.

On the other hand, the kitchen management is now in the hands of the young Benjamin Chmura, German-Canadian and graduate of the renowned Paul Bocuse Institute. His six- or eight-course menu is introduced by a harmonious group of the finest amuse-gueule. Particularly outstanding: the duck liver terrine, framed by a speculoos biscuit that acts as a passe-partout to visually elevate the dish to a miniature work of art.

But this course and all the others - from the green asparagus with smoked eel cream and wild garlic to scallops, lobster and calf's head, turbot with beetroot, pigeon with pickled cherries and finally, the two successful desserts - also fulfil the Tantris premise of an overall sensual experience.

Sauces, flavours, garnishes: everything is of the highest quality and tastes delicious, even if sometimes the arrangement could be more experimental and surprising.

The bread products by baking genius Baptiste Saunier (excellent: the unusual pistachio bread!) are also worthy of mention, as is the superb wine accompaniment under head sommelier Nicolas Spanier, which matches the menu.

In contrast to the more casual à la carte restaurant Tantris DNA, the main restaurant in front features classic white tablecloths with animal figures from the traditional porcelain manufacturer Nymphenburg - small doubles of the imposing stone sculptures from the Entrée. The dining room, divided into three levels, is also illuminated by (somewhat too pompous) orange floor lamps and the imposing walk-in wine climate control cabinet.

Together with the modern, cosy bar area, the new Tantris is somehow also the old one, only with a modern twist that makes every visit a gastronomic highlight.

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