Buffet Kull Restaurant − Charm and Savoir-Vivre in Munich’s Old Town

Monday, February 27 2017

Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday: 6.00 p.m. - 12.00 a.m.
Sunday: 6.00 - 11.00 p.m.


Buffet Kull
Marienstraße 4
80331 Munich-Altstadt
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+49 89 22 15 09

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Charming is the only way to describe Buffet Kull. Charming was my first impression when I entered, and charming is what stays with me when I leave − from the French ambience to the casually professional service team and incredible dishes.

Although Buffet Kull has been enriching the Munich gastro-scene for over twenty years, it occupies a rather inconspicuous corner of the central old town, hidden between Tal street and the famous Hofbräuhaus on the quiet Marienstraße. If you aren’t familiar with it, you’ll probably unknowingly walk past − and miss out on relaxed savoir-vivre in the heart of Munich.

The restaurant has got French effortlessness down pat. Red checkered cloths on wooden tables and large lattice windows give the air of a Paris bistro, dishes with a dash of France bring the flavours of the sea to your plate, and the easygoing service team clearly enjoys their work. I like that!

The menu selection is an exciting mix of primarily meat and fish dishes, which are joined by a number of vegetarian variations. I make the easy decision to go with the house recommendation from Jodok’s kitchen: a three-course menu that starts with crab, then continues with suckling lamb and chocolate mousse.

Buffet Kull_Restaurant München Altstadt
Buffet Kull München Restaurant Zentrum
Buffet Kull München Altstadt
Buffet Kull München Restaurant
Buffet Kull Restaurant München Dessert
Buffet Kull München_Terrasse

We’re surprised by an alcohol-free aperitif with a ginger base and apple and lemon juice, which pairs perfectly with my fresh, fruity starter of snow crab with avocado and mango vinaigrette.

The grilled suckling lamb hip subsequently melts on my tongue. I can’t remember the last time I had such a tender piece of meat. After the generous portion with a fine sweet potato cream and oyster mushrooms, I’m only mildly surprised that there’s still room left for the black-and-white duo of mousse au chocolat, for who can resist?

The devoted service team is a source of evermore wonder, in the best sense of the word, as we’re served by various waiters − if not by all of them! Yet there’s a clear system in place here. Everyone knows what they’re doing and we’re checked on friendly and professionally.

The evening in Buffet Kull draws to a lovely end and we don’t appear to be the only ones who have enjoyed ourselves. The overflowing coat check is just one sign that on this evening, as on so many others, the place is fully booked.

And even here it only takes a moment for someone to rush to our attention, searching for our jackets with a flashlight and French serving of patience − très charmant!

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Buffet Kull Restaurant − Charm and Savoir-Vivre in Munich’s Old Town
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