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Tuesday, April 18 2023

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Schützenstraße 3
12165 Berlin-Steglitz
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Setting up a business with friends, whether it's a company or a shared flat, can be a problematic undertaking. So why not the other way around? Fritz Wittkowski already ran the Steglitz weinBasis for a long time together with other owners. After he retired there for a while and concentrated on family and the main job at Weinladen Schmidt, the co-owner left.

This allowed Fritz to subsequently bring his friends Thaddäus Hocotz and Jonathan Feurich on board, who together enthusiastically set about breathing new wind into the sails of the pretty wine bar. The friends share the organisational tasks of bookkeeping, marketing, and of course, the organisation of the wine stock.

The latter can be enjoyed here in a relaxed atmosphere over a glass, just like at a wine tasting. And that is what we are here for today. Everything to do with wine is still in Fritz's hands. In addition to the regular running of the wine bar by the team led by restaurant manager Lea Tefelski, he organises and hosts regular wine evenings.

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At the long, self-made table and the surrounding tables, a selection of wines may then be enjoyed, which differ significantly in their themes. In our case, the evening focuses on rosé wines.

Served with honest cheese plates, bread, olives and nuts. Classic wine bar snacks because the weinBasis concentrates on cold finger food due to the lack of a kitchen. But the finger food is plentiful and tasty. And that's all it takes to enjoy the wine, which is more than reasonably priced at 29 or 39 euros for the wine tastings, including snacks, depending on the beverage category.

The glass prices are just as fair. For example, the 22er Rosé of the Edition Hase from Weingut Kühling-Gillot (our favourite of the tasting) is regularly priced at 5 euros for a 0.1 glass.

Outside the tasting, you can order Quiche Lorraine (8 euros) or salad (13.50 euros), as well as desserts such as changing pastries (8 euros) and chocolate truffles (6 euros) - the dessert wine also wants to be accompanied. If you still want something warm, you can also order a juicy tarte flambée (13 to 14.50 euros), which is brought in from the neighbouring restaurant. So what's on offer is quite enough to spend a fun, tasty and educational evening here.

Fritz's love of wine runs in the family. His father works at the Berlin Wine Trophy and has passed on his passion for fine wines to his son, who in turn has passed it on to his friends. Thaddäus is actually a doctor and most recently worked in cancer research; Jonathan produces film music. So the three of them run the weinBasis alongside their primary professions but with a relatively large team for a wine bar and a lot of passion.

This passion is clearly transmitted to the customers. On our rosé evening, we experience a convivial, close and down-to-earth evening. It is essential for Fritz to take the distance to the products away from his customers and to make the tastings personal and relaxed. People sit around the table in a convivial atmosphere and strike up a conversation. The audience is mixed, with both "wine veterans" and young wine enthusiasts coming to the weinBasis.

Those who like it a little quieter will find what they are looking for in the second, somewhat elevated and more soberly designed guest room. We, however, enjoy the atmosphere in the open brick room with the table, the barrels, the warm light and the convivial table. Enjoying wine at the weinBasis is honest and relaxed, and this will not be the last time we see them - whether it's just for a glass or a tasting. The latter goes into the next round on 26 April. Topic: Bubbles.

weinBasis – Where wine brings people together
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