Pot & Pepper The noble spice manufactory

Wednesday, August 23 2023

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Monday to Friday: 11:00am - 6:00pm

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Pot & Pepper
Kieler Straße 9
12163 Berlin-Steglitz
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030 81827983

Spice shops have their very own magic. The conglomeration of fragrances that caresses the nose upon entering promises endless possibilities of flavour combinations and a touch of the exotic. When the shop and products are attractively designed, our mouths water for more than one reason. This is also the case at Pot and Pepper, the spice manufactory in Steglitz.

From saffron to Szechuan pepper, from garlic to cardamom: Michael Bär has been selling spices and homemade spice blends in his shop Pot & Pepper for 19 years, and now there are over 240 different ones. You won't find any ready-made mixtures from wholesalers here, nor any flavour enhancers. Only the essential ingredients are bought by the passionate shop owner, whose love of spices, how could it be otherwise, stems from a passion for cooking.

He puts together the spice mixtures according to his own recipe. Lemon salt, crunchy seasoning for salads, suitable mixes for meat or fish dishes and much more are packed here in beautifully shaped containers, ideal for giving as gifts. Of course, you can also get all the basic spices individually at Pot & Pepper. Everything is filled by hand.

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Pots & Pepper Gewürze Berlin-Steglitz-10
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Pots & Pepper Gewürze Berlin-Steglitz-11

Giving as a gift is a good keyword. Elegantly packaged in tin cans and gift boxes, the goods are perfect for our "Things we love!" category. And if you like to spice things up, you might need a few accessories here and there, from mortars and nutmeg graters to high-quality knives. Michael Bär has a lot in his assortment.

Like a tea shop, the spices and spice mixtures are neatly arranged in fine tin cans and dark apothecary bottles. If you have a choice, you're spoilt for it because it can be challenging to decide. It's good that Michael Bär is on hand to give advice and has just the right thing for particular dishes.

We are ready for our next cooking evening, although we still have to decide whether it should be spicy and exciting, with African Rub or Cajun Seasoning, or whether we should give the old familiar a new lease of life with Berlin seasoning, ideal for Berlin potato soup. Pot & Pepper makes it possible.

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