Maître Philippe & Filles Cheese, Wine and Sardines in Wilmersdorf

Thursday, October 18 2018

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Tuesday to Friday: 10.00 am - 7.00 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am - 2.00 pm


Maître Philippe & Filles
Emser Straße 42
10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
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+49 30 886 836 10

Brie de Meaux for Anaïs, Roquefort for Noémie - these French cheese classics make Philippe Causse's daughters happy. This happiness is homemade, was laid in the cradle of the two. Philippe Causse, better known as Maître Philippe, made cheese presentable in Berlin many years ago - class instead of mass, Camembert & Co. not on, but as a palate-tickling protagonist to the bread.
Maître Philippe & Filles has been the name of the gourmet store not far from Ludwigkirchplatz in Wilmersdorf for quite a while. Now one would have to turn the name around. The "Filles," the daughters, are at the culinary and organizational helm, while the maître has mostly retired from the business. A generational change that continues to cultivate the tradition with which the "Epicerie fine" has made a name for itself.
But Maître Philippe & Filles also brings new discoveries from young producers to Berlin: cheeses from French affineurs, i.e. small, artisan cheese makers, complemented by Italian showpieces such as Parmesan, wine and champagne, delicatessen from honey to paté, eggs from the Uckermark region, unique hard cheeses from the guys from Jamei Laibspeis in Kempten and the sourdough bread from Keit.

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Not to forget the (vintage) canned sardines in the best qualities, from Bretagene and from Portugal, and as an exotic from Germany the Hiddenseer Kutterfisch, hand-picked, hand-packed, ensnared by the best oils and spices - Maître Philippe & Filles has the largest assortment of its kind in Europe.

Asked whether the sardine bar in Schöneberg is another "enfant", child, of the maître? No, but it is supplied by the Wilmersdorf family business. Like quite a few other top addresses, especially with cheese. To name just a few: Facil, Tim Raue's Colette, Golvet, Bieberbau, Restaurant am Steinplatz, Hallmann & Klee and the long-established café at Literaturhaus - the list is pure gastro-name-dropping.

Everything personally selected, everything personally tasted, the daughters do the same as their father to give customers the best possible advice. In the summer, the sisters were once again on a tour of France to maintain contacts and make new discoveries. Even though Maître Philippe & Filles focuses on the classics and seasonal cheeses - goat cheese in summer, hard cheese in winter, fondue and raclette cheese.

Now is also the time for "Jamei" from the Allgäu region. The young affineurs Thomas and Martin are the best German hard cheese affineurs for the Causse daughters. The "Jamei" matures in a medieval ice cellar at a constant nine degrees and 95 percent humidity. After thirty months, it is crumbly yet creamy, the rind thin, in short, the high art of cheese-making, performed by the next generation.

The "Filles" especially like to curate such delicacies, which Maître Philippe & Filles then also has exclusively in their assortment, for their Wilmersdorf delicatessen. But they always remain true to their personal favorite cheese. Tradition must be maintained!

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