hansis Brot A gifted master baker in Wedding

Thursday, February 23 2023

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Wednesday to Friday: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00pm


Hansis Brot
Kiautschoustraße 1
13353 Berlin-Wedding
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For me, it doesn't take much to achieve great culinary happiness: good butter, a little salt and really crusty bread - when the ingredients are right, good things can be so simple. But then: delicious bread is sometimes not so easy to find in Berlin. Although this situation has improved considerably in recent years, good artisan bakers were still somewhat scarce, especially in Wedding.

But then Johannes Jungnickel came to the Sprengelkiez in the summer of 2021 - and since then, people have been queuing up at hansis Brot for delicious bakery work. The 31-year-old bakes delightful bread, the way it used to be, right here on site: the sourdough is homemade, the flour is of organic quality and comes from the Spreewald.

Hansi, Johannes Jungnickel's nickname, has a weakness for high-quality baking and has spent a long time working on his sourdough bread. After his baker's apprenticeship at Beumer & Lutum, he worked at Albatross Bakery for two years and then completed his master's degree to realise his dream of owning his own shop.

And so he came to Wedding last summer - the Sprengelkiez reminds him of the Berlin of his childhood. Because the native Berliner baked everything himself in the beginning, the opening hours took some getting used to, and the delicate baked goods were often sold out. But they were fabulously fresh.

In the meantime, the opening hours have been adjusted somewhat, but Hansi's focus is still clearly on the finest bread. Whether an Angeschoben, a netted spelt bread or the owner's namesake and classic Hansi - all formed by hand, just like in the old days.


But classic biscuits like Schrippen, pretzels, Dinkelseelen and Schusterjungen also smell good, along with fresh Bienenstich and cinnamon chips from the display. Croissants and pain au chocolat are convincing all along the line. The best sign: the paper bag is translucent from the butter after only a short time - that's how it should be. 

By the way, the pretzel pastries from Hansi's Bread are considered the best in town. Unfortunately, we will have to convince ourselves of this on our next visit because this time it is already sold out - which, however, speaks without question that there is some truth in the statement.

Fortunately, we can taste the Hansi bread. It is so fresh that it comes into the bag still warm and smells incredibly tempting as I carry it home.

And if the scent was already convincing, it can do even more in terms of taste. With a crispy, cracking crust, large pores, and a fine acidity, the long fermenting dough makes it easy to digest - simply delicious. This one, it's bread so good that I just can't find a suitable comparison. Simply with butter, it's a real treat!

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hansis Brot – A gifted master baker in Wedding
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