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Tuesday, February 20 2024

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Johann Bäckerei
Gleditschstraße 47
10781 Berlin-Schöneberg
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Sourdough. One of the oldest forms of food production and yet one whose subtleties are often neglected in the industrial mass production of baked goods. A sourdough is demanding, needs time, and suitable parameters... and a little love can't hurt either. This can be found at Johann Bäckerei in Schöneberg.

So, located between Winterfeldtplatz and Kleistpark, there is a baker, one who cares about rethinking the bakery trade and his clientele. Master baker and confectioner Johann Kreter, who learned his work at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm and as a baker at the Vorarlberg, among other places, fulfilled his long-awaited dream of his own bakery, where many things are done differently.

"I built the bakery from a baker's perspective, not a corporation. With a large bakery and a somewhat smaller customer area. The focus is on taste, quality, and respect for producers, nature and animals. Even if we don't have vegan products, the focus is still on animal welfare," Johann explains.

Another focus in his bakery is sourdough - also for the sweets. The ingredients used are of organic quality and come from fair cultivation. The dough is made from old varieties, some of which are rare in Germany. I have to confess: I am not a grain expert. But when Johann tells me about the yellow and durum wheat from Germany used in his Pane Casareccio, I am immediately convinced.

At least that much I know: Using old varieties instead of overbred mass-produced goods and reflecting on time in the production process provide tastier and more digestible food - not only in bakeries. And the products of the Johann Bakery are undoubtedly delicious.

Bäckerei Johann I Foto Ole Zimmermann (5)
Johann Bäckerei I Foto Ole Zimmermann (8)
Bäckerei Johann I Foto Ole Zimmermann (2)
Bäckerei Johann I Foto Ole Zimmermann
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Johann Bäckerei I Foto Ole Zimmermann (5)
Johann Bäckerei I Foto Ole Zimmermann (12)
Johann Bäckerei I Foto Ole Zimmermann (11)

Fresh from the oven, I first taste a caramelised cinnamon bun, wonderfully fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, it is a real treat with espresso. The loaves of bread are spicy and tasty, their crusts still crispy the next day. I particularly like the Danish wholemeal bread, which also has an intense flavour.

Customers from the catering industry also appreciate the unique taste. That's why Johann's pieces of bread can currently also be found at Bonvivant and Chateau Royale. The master baker also makes the rolls of the Johann Bakery from sourdough. There are natural, poppy seed, sesame, pumpkin seed and juicy olive rolls, with generously portioned whole olives from Sicily.

The sweet pastries range from pain au chocolat to cinnamon and poppy seed buns, croissants and a new discovery for me: financiers. This is a fine, elaborately made French pastry with brown butter, almonds and nuts, which tastes light, pleasantly crumbly and wonderfully buttery.

Johann is not only concerned about the quality of his products but also about creating a pleasant workplace. Since he also attaches importance to zero waste, nothing is produced in excess, and therefore nothing is stockpiled in the early morning hours.

Among other things, this also ensures a better working atmosphere in the bakery, which I can see for myself when I take a look behind the scenes. Zero waste is an important keyword. The leftovers in the Johann Bakery are minimal, and what is left over goes to a farmer as animal feed. Nothing ends up in the bin, so individual products are just sold out when they are sold out.

The fact that the bakery has a minimalist, chic design and attracts visitors with its intense aroma of cinnamon buns is the cherry on top.

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