Bellwinkel Two Women With a Passion for Good Food

Friday, February 12 2016

Opening Times

Monday till Friday 10-19h
Lunch 12-15h
Saturday 10-14h


Güntzelstraße 46
10717 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
.How to get there


+49 30 86 39 66 86

The Bellwinkel culinary concept store looks like a private kitchen and is so cosy that guests no longer want to leave. Not even when the shopping bags are already full to bursting, the plate has been eaten or the catering has been extensively planned.

Out of a passion for good food, high-quality delicatessen products and beautiful accessories, the former architect Carola Doering and the social education worker Pia Koppelkamm opened their lovely shop Bellwinkel over ten years ago. Over the years, this veritable treasure trove of fine specialities and fascinating things from all over the world has become even more lovely and personal.

Conceptually coordinated, fine delicacies and remarkable fair discoveries are harmoniously arranged on the shelves. It is a great pleasure to explore each item individually and take in the overall work of art designed by the two owners.

The range of goods is not for people who like to buy things repeatedly over the years. Apart from a basic assortment of oils, vinegar, salts, and oriental ingredients, the product selection changes every three months and is dedicated to an entirely new theme.

Bellwinkel Feinkost Concept Store Berlin Wilmersdorf Produkte
Bellwinkel Feinkost Concept Store Berlin Wilmersdorf Zubehör
Bellwinkel Feinkost Concept Store Berlin Wilmersdorf Geschirr
Bellwinkel Feinkost Concept Store Berlin Wilmersdorf Pate
Bellwinkel Feinkost Concept Store Berlin Wilmersdorf Kochbücher
Bellwinkel Feinkost Concept Store Berlin Wilmersdorf
Bellwinkel Feinkost Concept Store Berlin Wilmersdorf Kochen

There is always a selection of English and oriental products among the hand-picked products, including jams, chutneys, and chocolates. Everything is so beautifully packaged that I can hardly resist regularly buying and choosing items from the shelves. There are countless beautiful cookbooks and aprons handmade in Berlin.

A speciality of the house is also the traditional North African braising pots made of clay, called tajines. All the typical spices from that region are also offered. The bread comes from Soluna, the chocolate kisses from Mayer Junior in Bremen, and the cake for dessert or the freshly brewed coffee is home-baked.

Whenever I enter the shop, it smells deliciously like exotic spices. Especially between 12 and 3 pm, seasonal soups, starters and main dishes are freshly prepared and served in the shop at lunchtime. True to the motto, "The simpler the preparation method, the better."

Vegetarian dishes are popular, but meat lovers always get their money's worth. Many dishes are oriental-inspired and always prepared from fresh regional organic vegetables. Whatever you choose, everything tastes as good as it looks, and it is always as if a dear friend has cooked for you.

The two owners also prove how well they master their profession with their equally lovingly prepared caterings. They prepare hot and cold dishes for up to 150 people, usually oriental or Mediterranean in inspiration. Of course, the food is delivered and even served on request.

And of course, Carola Doering and Pia Koppelkamm have a perfect touch for serving this kind of food! This is especially true at Easter time because everything the two of them have arranged makes you want to wrap it up for all those dear people you want to give a special treat to.

Bellwinkel – Two Women With a Passion for Good Food
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