Kaschk by Brlo Beer between cheese- and shuffleboards

Monday, January 24 2022

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Monday to Thursday 12-2
Friday 12-3
Saturday 10-3
Sunday 12-2


Linienstraße 40
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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Torstraße. This is where the heart of Berlin's digital bohemia beats. And this very international target group likes to drink craft beer. Thus, from Mitte district to Prenzlauer Berg, a stately collection of varied beer bars and pubs developed with impulses from Belgium, Italy, the USA, and even Berlin.

One of the beer scene's original establishments is Kaschk at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Initially, a Norwegian-inspired foundation as a coffee shop during the day and beer bar in the evening. A Scandinavian meeting place for contemporary hygge hipsters. The friendly pub had recently run into trouble with Corona and was threatened with closure.

That's when the innovative Berlin Brlo brewery team around Katharina Kurz and brewmaster Michael Lembke remembered the early days of their brand foundation and the moments at Kaschk associated with it. They decided: We must preserve this place of Berlin beer conviviality. They took action and since then, the Kaschk has carried the small addition "by Brlo" in its name. Last autumn, there was a careful but much-needed renovation and subtle changes to the concept.

Kaschk by BRLO credit_ Maria Schiffer (2)
Kaschk by BRLO credit_ Maria Schiffer (1)
Kaschk by BRLO credit_ Maria Schiffer (3)
Kaschk by BRLO credit_ Maria Schiffer (4)

The good news for all regular customers is that the essential elements have remained: Twelve taps, dedicated beer advice, outstanding coffee quality, and the opportunity to play shuffleboard in the basement. The better news for all established and new guests: the furniture is now much more visually appealing and provides a more comfortable seating quality than before. In addition, the Kaschk finally has an attractive food selection.

Because where it says Brlo, there has to be something sensible to eat on the plate in addition to inspired brews. With Brlo kitchen director Ben Pommer, the Brlo Brewhouse at Gleisdreieck deservedly won the "Berlin Scene Restaurant" title in the "Berlin Master Chefs" competition in 2017 with its vegetable-focused avant-garde cuisine. Anyone who gets to know the terrific Kikok chicken from the rotisserie grill on the sixth floor of KaDeWe's "Brlo Chicken & Beer" will probably also be among the Brlo enthusiasts.

At Kaschk, the menu now offers excellent baked goods for coffee, such as banana bread, carrot cake, and vegan apple-cinnamon buns. The cheese boards, meat boards, or vegan boards are perfect with a beer in the evening. There are also snacks and sandwiches and a kind of tomato bread construction kit where you can choose and combine various ingredients around cheese, salami, and ham.

What has remained is the beer selection, which in addition to the taps and the Brlo range, offers many other options from cans and bottles, the international character, and the friendly service. Nevertheless, the fresh wind is perfect for this institution. Therefore: Cheers, Cheers, Skål!

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