Moamoa Korean food culture in Friedenau

Wednesday, January 17 2024

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Tuesday to Thursday 11.30-19
Friday to Sunday 11.30-21


MOAMOA Café & koreanische Esskultur
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The small Korean café Moamoa is very inconspicuously hidden away on the main street next to Friedenau town hall. It only has a few seats and is also very puristically furnished. But what is prepared in the tiny kitchen is seriously addictive. We haven't been able to get enough of the delicious bibimbaps and gimbaps for months.

While the bibimbaps - bowls of rice and around ten other ingredients that you mix together before eating - are eaten with chopsticks or a spoon, you can also eat the rolled bimbaps with your fingers. Like opulent sushi rolls, the latter are also filled with many different ingredients.

Both the rolls and the bowls are available with spicy pickled chicken (one of our favourites!) or beef, but also with fish or purely vegetarian. The bibimbap with raw marinated salmon or tofu is also highly recommended. Not forgetting the gimbap with tuna.

If you come to Moamoa for breakfast or coffee, you will love the croffles - croissants warmed in a waffle iron and topped with ice cream, berries or a cheese called "Brunost", which is very popular in Norway. In summer, the bingsu, an ice cream made from thin flakes of frozen cow's milk and condensed milk with various toppings, is also very tasty.

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Whatever you choose at Moamoa, you'll love it!

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Moamoa – Korean food culture in Friedenau
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