Herr Koch Feine Kost Frau Bäckerin's new marriage

Wednesday, December 01 2021

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Tuesday to Friday: 10.00am - 8:00pm
Saturday: 10.00am - 6.00pm


Herr Koch Feine Kost
Eisenacher Straße 86
10781 Berlin-Schöneberg
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"Food is the best anyway," says Tessa Jacobsen, during our visit to the gourmet store Herr Koch in Schöneberg, and we can't help but nod our heads in agreement. A statement like that naturally receives strong agreement from within our team. Tessa studied hotel management at Hilton Berlin, has many years of experience in gastronomy and has, according to her own claim, already done "all sorts of things" in this area.

Born in Berlin, she has been living here in Schöneberg for a long time and knows many people in the neighborhood through her café Frau Bäckerin, which is located directly across the street from Herr Koch. She had been thinking about something new for a while; a few years ago there was a chance to take over a store in the area, but it wasn't meant to be. Then, last year, she was asked if she was interested in the store directly across from Frau Bäckerin.

Tessa took the chance. Renovations took half a year and the store finally opened in May 2021. Once renovated completely and refurbished. Now golden mosaic gleams behind the counter, pasta, sauces, chocolate and other goods pile up on wooden 60s shelves by Swedish designer Olof Pira. At the opposite wall in front of a colorful wallpaper selected wines and some selected tableware can be purchased.

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Herr Koch receives his goods from around 40 suppliers. Tessa offers many things from Germany, but also from various other countries. An American from Berlin, for example, makes only peanut butter with Twisted Nut, jams come from the Gartenhaus Testorf, and honey from Hamburg. She brings many retailers together in her store, she says: "That's a bit more effort, of course, but it makes the offer unique and a bit different from other delis."

At the slicer behind the counter, Tessa cuts hams and fine sausages; a salami, for example, comes from Amsterdam, where Tessa lived for four years. The refrigerated counter also has fine cheeses, such as the wonderfully buttery and creamy Duc du Bourgogne from Knippenbergs. In addition seasonal goods - currently of course handmade gingerbread from Fichtelgebirge for Christmas season. 

Hungry customers can also get freshly made sandwiches from Herr Koch, for example with freshly-sliced Serrano ham, delicious lunch bowls or coffee. The focus, however, is to remain on retail. We especially like the fact that Tessa makes her own delicious deli salads fresh every day, such as tuna cream, lentil salad with dried apricots and celery, crayfish salad and co.

"I'm in the back of the kitchen day in and day out, chopping everything up fresh. I actually love doing that," she reveals. Whether it's her popular scampi-mango-papaya salad or Obazda, Tessa also prepares her delicious recipes on individual request. Currently, for example, her fine onion tart: "The season is actually over, but it has been requested again and again. I like to make it for my customers".

When asked which is her personal favorite, Tessa replies, "Anything with chocolate!" Right now, however, she is crazy about the Panetone from Sironi, which is currently also available for purchase at Herr Koch. And of course the absolute Berlin Advent classic: Baumkuchen from Rabien. "Or chocolates from Valrhona, it always changes," she begins to rave. We can absolutely understand that. Food is just great.

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