Schwarzes Gold Licorice in any form imaginable

Saturday, April 20 2013

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 11.00 am - 7.00 pm
Saturday: 11.00 am - 2.00 pm


Lakritz! Schwarzes Gold
Uhlandstraße 98
10715 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
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+49 30 60 95 85 70

Licorice! Even the Romans and Egyptians of the ancient world swore by the root of the sweet legume, which, for inexplicable reasons, turns dark after being processed and turns into what Lakritz! owner Sönke Baumeister calls 'Schwarzes Gold' [Black Gold].

The zesty sweets have always been especially popular in Scandinavia, and are now gaining more and more momentum in Berlin as well. Proof is available at this little Wilmersdorf location that regularly draws large crowds. It's been two years now that Baumeister has been fusing together anything tasty and licorice-related. You can even have pasta, mustard and jams!

Black Gold's treats are being produced in many countries from Spain to Finland. Currently, chocolate refined creations are at the top of the list, for example those of Swedish Lakritsfabriken Ramlösa or Johan Bülow of Denmark. I was sceptical but this high-end candy, coming in a little bit pricier than your average sweets experience, is actually delicious and definitely worth it.


A self-service bar with countless open glasses offers just as many different kinds of licorice, which come in more affordable at €1,50 per 100g. The selection, hand-picked by the Schleswig-Holstein native himself, is outstanding and doesn't make it an easy one to choose.

My son's day was made with a meter long liquorice Cowboy string and I treated myself to a little ammonia-bonbon filled with a chocolate-coated nut at its core.

Another big thing coming is cooking with licorice. That's why one of Black Gold's employees will be offering cooking classes in the near future, bookable right at the store. All licorice everything!

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Schwarzes Gold – Licorice in any form imaginable
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