Atelier Dough Hotly anticipated doughnuts in Kreuzberg

Wednesday, April 26 2023

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Atelier Dough
Glogauer Str. 9
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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"I ate a real doughnut in New York one day and it's been on my mind ever since," Güven explains. For him, Atelier Dough in Kreuzberg is the fulfilment of a decade-long dream that has never let him go. And perhaps one can even go that far: Berlin also dreamed of this opening for some time.

But from the beginning: After Güven had finally had enough of his office job, he decided to do something with his hands - so he started his bakery apprenticeship in Paris. Shortly before, he had met his girlfriend and now business partner Angela, who supported him in his venture from the very beginning. Her pop-ups in Prenzlauer Berg soon became known as a doughnut revelation in the city.

Atelier Dough's standards were high from the start. Following the Parisian model, Güven wants to weave traditional French craftsmanship with culinary modernity. To ensure the quality of his baked goods, he sets the highest standards for his basic ingredients: 95 percent of his doughnuts are organic and locally sourced.

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It has now been a year since a little bird also chirped to us that Güven and Angela were looking for a permanent location for Güven's dough craft after their hugely popular pop-ups. Finally, after more than seven months of searching, they have found it. And then here, of all places: on the green-tiled corner of Glogauer and Reichenberger in Kreuzkölln, just around the corner from their shared flat.

Inside, the shiny green tiles from outside are repeated. Through the large, glass doors to the bakery, you can watch Güven and his team at work. The doughnuts are freshly prepared by hand every morning. Therefore, Güven's day in the bakery begins at 5 am. First, he prepares the yeast dough and the cake dough for the Old Fashioned, and around 8 o'clock, his pastry chef colleague comes and helps him with the sweet stuff because they prepare all the essential ingredients, like meringue or cream filling, themselves. At 10 o'clock, they fry and then fill.

And because coffee and doughnuts simply go hand in hand, there is also super coffee and coffee specialities from Fjord from 10 am - because the baristas here also know their trade.

The tasteful and minimalist café area, which Angela designed herself, is next door with lots of light wood, clean furnishings, and a bit of Skandi meets Japan. In the morning, Atelier Dough is a pleasant oasis of calm before things get hectic from 12 o'clock onwards, and people come for the fresh doughnuts.

The selection of doughnuts is still limited: there are just five different varieties to try. But that is by no means to remain the case - on the contrary, as Güven explains: "I would like to work on new recipes. Our goal is six standard doughnuts and then two more every month. But at the moment we have so much to do. Experimenting is not an option right now. I hope we can find someone else to work in the bakery soon."

"He's a perfectionist," Angela adds. "There's no shortage of ideas anyway. At home, we have a list of 150 different ideas for new varieties!"

At the moment, it feels like half the city is gorging on the crème brulée doughnut with its shiny, amber-coloured sugar coating and delicate vanilla filling - the bestseller. Güven's heart, on the other hand, beats most for the Not so Plain, which "shines with its simplicity!" He refines the yeast dough with a bit of lime and vanilla and adds a delicate layer of icing sugar on top. Nothing here is disguised by cream filling or chocolate topping (nothing against the Boston Cream, which also tastes delicious!).

What counts is the pure taste of the best craftsmanship. And that convinces us thoroughly. The doughnuts are fluffy but still have a bite, the lime is just perceptible, the vanilla balances the flavour excellently, and despite the icing layer, the doughnut tastes surprisingly little sweet. So we think: The hype is justified. It pays to be quick - otherwise, the bestsellers might already be sold out.

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Atelier Dough – Hotly anticipated doughnuts in Kreuzberg
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