Arminiushalle Celebrate and shop where you can still feel the old Berlin

Thursday, March 21 2013

Opening Times

Monday till Friday 7.00-20.00
Saturday 7.00-18.00


Arminiusstraße 2-4
10551 Berlin-Moabit
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mfe Event Coach

It is Saturday morning. The bright and spacious market hall in the heart of Moabit is bustling, accompanied by soft piano music, Dimitri, a graduate of music studies plays on Steinway grand piano. To his right sit a hungry group of people at a brunch, whose owner, has ensured to offer something delicious for everyone.

Especially delicious, is the fish and chips from Der Fischladen on the Schoenhauser Allee. Between the 72 slender cast iron columns of this over 120 year old building, you will find every from Greek delicacies to Italian delis, from butchers who offer fresh meats to the organic snack shop Burgerlich, anything your heart desires.

At the entrance of the hall is a well preserved snack shop, “Die Drei Damen vom Grill”, that in its day was a Berlin classic. Turned and hidden in a corner, visitors will find in Gebetomat, time for a little relaxation. Recently, Arminiushalle, with its distinct flair has been rented out for small and large events. With the support of mfe, an events planning agency, small events from weddings to major events for Telekom have been organized.


Thanks to the unique architecture and local cuisine, the Arminiushalle offers so many possibilities, allowing spontaneous reaction to individual and unexpected needs. Currently, there are many inquiries for reservation, so we recommend planning and booking early!

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Arminiushalle – Celebrate and shop where you can still feel the old Berlin
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