Nuori Malspielraum Playful painting and handicraft for children

Saturday, September 27 2014


Nuori Malspielraum
Bergstrasse 125
8032 Zurich-District 7
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+41 44 630 70 13

Mobile +41 79 625 59 61

Children love to paint, to knead, and to make crafts. With wood and paper, clay, paint and lots of color, they grow up creating make-believe worlds, indulging their imaginations. Their dreams and fantasies take form and become tangible. A very special studio, where all this is possible, is the Nuori Malspielraum of Alexandra Gysling. In a quiet and safe atmosphere, children from four years are invited to playfully discover their world and thereby develop freely.

At the beginning of 2013 Alexandra opened the doors of her studio on Bergstrasse 125, where she today offers various artwork and painting courses for children up to twelve years. The rooms are bright and tastefully furnished, the atmosphere safe and quiet - soft piano solos can be heard in the background at the beginning of the course - and of course it smells very nice. As part of her concept, Alexandra values and creates a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing environment.

In essence, she aligns herself with the philosophy of Arno Stern and accordingly allows the children to paint freely. Playful and with all the senses, she promotes creativity, perception and fine motor skills - without judgment, pressure, comparisons, and expectations.

Nuori Malspielraum Kinder Zürich Malen
Nuori Malspielraum Kinder Zürich Farben
Nuori Malspielraum Kinder Zürich Knete
Nuori Malspielraum Kinder Zürich Skulptur
Nuori Malspielraum Kinder Zürich Papier

A wonderfully relaxing environment, where children can find themselves and "recharge”. A "time out" in our highly structured and sophisticated world in which our children are over-exposed to multiple stimuli every day, their lives often hectic, with competition and expectations put in place at an early age.

"Painting can prevent and counteract all of this," explains Alexandra. Free painting within a value-free framework strengthens the personality and emotional resilience and promotes stamina, alertness, and concentration. It also supports independence, individuality and personal responsibility. A concept that I am absolutely thrilled about, that the very personable Alexandra greatly implements. My children are going to love it!

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Nuori Malspielraum – Playful painting and handicraft for children
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