Schönschrift Written by Hand

Wednesday, January 14 2015


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Let's be honest, when did you last find a handwritten letter in your mailbox? Apart from my sons’ invitations to children's birthday parties, I cannot recall the last time. And yet I open the mailbox every day with an almost child-like anticipation in the hope that perhaps there is a personal message.

Particularly now in times of efficient communication via e-mail, SMS, and online designed greeting cards, the handwritten form proves to be highly regarded. Sometimes, however, we simply do not have the time or, to our personal annoyance, our own handwriting is similar to that of a doctor’s hurried prescription scrawl.

Annika Heuter has developed a business model based on this predicament and provides a novel handwritten service. The idea only came to her a few months ago, inspired by the movie "Her" with Joaquin Phoenix, who, as Theodore Twombly, writes letters for others. But Annika offers more than just letters written by hand. She offers services for all occasions. From the lettering on place cards, envelopes for birthday or wedding invitations, to birth announcements, thank-you notes, business Christmas greetings and New Year’s post.

Her services include the writing itself, the paper, and postage and handling. Written by Annika personally in her beautiful and very legible handwriting. She utilizes a selection of writing tools and paper, with many types of paper to choose from, for example, fine paper, textured paper, or fancy stained paper. Also, a choice of thickness of fountain pens, roller ball pens, and felt-tip pens.

But what Annika always appreciates the most, is the effect of a handwritten letter. Whatever the occasion, whether business or private, a handwritten message always remains compassionate, congenial, and personal. A splendid service - to be found on!

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Schönschrift – Written by Hand
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