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Wednesday, December 21 2022

Opening Times

Thursday to Saturday 17-22
Sunday 11-14


Schlicht Vegan
Veronikagasse 17
1160 Vienna-16. Bezirk
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+43 660 40 70020

Cosy seating niches, wood-panelled walls and an old taproom behind the large counter - the furnishings are still reminiscent of the taphouse that was housed in the rooms for a long time. Fits perfectly with the menu of this newly opened restaurant, which features traditional classics of Austrian cuisine.

Schnitzel, bread dumplings, soups - the best taphouse cuisine. The special feature: For the schnitzel, celery is breaded instead of meat, the dumplings do without egg, and the maronic cream soup is without cream. The dishes prove that the combination of Austrian delicacies + vegan is wonderfully compatible.

The woman behind the idea is Sarah - chef, restaurateur and founder of Schlicht Vegans. She has been dreaming of her own restaurant for a long time. Finally, in October 2022, the time had come after several months of renovation work. The charm of the former taphouse was preserved, and the furnishings carefully renovated. As a result, the rooms of the corner pub are bright and friendly.

Schlicht Vegan 4

The menu is - in a positive sense - simple: three starters, a handful of main courses, and three desserts. Everything is freshly prepared from seasonal ingredients, so the menu changes every few weeks. Only a few classics are available all year round. The Grenadiermarsch, for example, is a "classic pub meal", as Sarah says and - that too - a "fridge meal". In the past, leftovers from the fridge were put into the pan. Recycling leftovers and zero waste is a big concern for the restaurateur.

Her grenadier march features bread dumplings, potatoes, meatballs and vegetables (roast leftovers, which traditionally often ended up in the mix, are, of course, not found here). Another signature dish is the celeriac schnitzel, served at Schlicht Vegan in the classic pub style with tartar sauce and potato salad.

I try my way through the seasonal creations. The starter is potato pancakes with red cabbage, apples and walnuts. An excellent winter combination! The pancakes are baked so crispily that they crackle and crunch when you chew them. This is followed by braised beetroot with gnocchi. Handmade, of course - fluffy on the inside, lightly browned on the outside. The walnut-horseradish sauce conjures up a light spiciness and comforting creaminess on the plate and is scraped up to the last bit with the final gnocchi.

There is still room for dessert - zero waste also means turning away from the oversized portions traditionally served in taphouses. Powidltascherl or baked apple tiramisu...? Since the former is available all year round, the choice falls on tiramisu: juicy apple, soft sponge cake, creamy mascarpone (made by the chef from vegetable oils), Christmas spices, and crunchy nuts make for the perfect winter dessert and finish.

If you have a taste for more of Sarah's vegan cuisine, there is a big brunch on Sundays with everything your sweet and savoury heart desires.

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