Dast Creative tapas delicacies

Tuesday, March 28 2023

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Tuesday to Saturday: 5:00pm - 11:00pm

Friday & Saturday: noon - 3:00pm


Schulgasse 85
1180 Vienna-18. Bezirk
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+43 664 34 18198

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There are supposed to be people who only take a quick look at the menu and immediately know what they want to order. Stephanie Pache belongs to the category: "I'd like to have that, and I'd also like to try this and that!"

So it's not surprising that at Dast, which she opened together with her partner - chef Daniel Fischer - everything is available in a tapas format. "Food should be an experience," she says, "It would be a shame to limit yourself to one thing."

The restaurant is in a charming basement room with whitewashed, vaulted ceilings. The menu features Austrian classics - modernised by Daniel to his own taste - and seasonal creations. Those with a small appetite are well served with three "Schmankerl" (19.50 euros). However, if you are coming in a larger group, you can order the whole menu (seven small plates for 45.50 euros).

The seasonally changing menu comprises a good dozen, from beef bouillon to schnitzel of straw pork to carrot strudel. If you're struggling to decide (despite the tapas and small menu), you can let the chef surprise you.

For us, the evening begins with a Carinthian Kasnudel: strong filling and tender dough that is buttery soft even at the edge (at this critical point where the dough sheets are pressed together). The fried chicken is classic, with two pieces of meat baked until crispy and served with creamy potato salad and deep-fried parsley.

Also delicate is the risotto à la dast: spring green, creamy buckwheat with confit shrimp (almost melts in your mouth), vegetables and crispy bread chips.

Because it's so much fun and there's still some room in the stomach, we order more. While we study the menu, the boss comes out of the kitchen with a bowl. "The dough for the next round of brioche", he says and places the bowl next to the heater of the neighbouring table.

At the thought of freshly baked brioche, the decision is quickly made: "One pickled salmon trout, please." Of course, it's accompanied by that buttery bread, wild herbs and dried citrus slices.

Since the desserts also come in tapas size, nothing stands in the way of the sweet conclusion. Here, too, the Austrian influence is evident (curd cheese dumplings, Powidltascherl, Mozart liqueur). The same goes for the wine list, which focuses on local wines.

Once a month (always on the first Friday), one of the winemakers comes to Dast, where the house wines are then tasted under expert guidance. Chef Daniel conjures up a menu to match. More precisely: a seven-course surprise menu. So you won't be spoilt for choice.

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