Chez Bernard French pleasure with a view

Wednesday, September 28 2022

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 1:00am (Breakfast until 11:30am)

Saturday, Sunday and national holidays: 8:00am - 1:00am (Breakfast until noon)


Chez Bernard im Hotel Motto
Schadekgasse 20
1060 Vienna-district 6
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+43 1 581 46 00

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Freshly returned from a holiday in France, the longing for the French lifestyle and food is great! Luckily, there are several suitable French bistros and boulangeries in Vienna where you can eat your way to France.

Motto has been supplying the Francophile Viennese population with handmade Viennoiserie, as croissant and co. are called in France, since 2020. After all, it is said that the pastry was initially invented in Vienna, which could explain the cluster of French bakeries.

The in-house pastries are also available in the restaurant, which opened last year in the adjoining hotel. Chez Bernard is stylish French Art Deco, spiced with a pinch of Golden Twenties (marble tables, velvet-covered bar stools) and modern zeitgeist (indoor plants dangling from the ceiling).

Another highlight: the view over the Viennese rooftops that you can enjoy from up here on the 7th floor. And of course the food: The finest French cuisine - from breakfast crêpes to steak tartare. So far, I've only been here for petit déjeuner, but my French friend (who has very high standards for all dishes from his home country) has also found déjeuneur and dîner to be good.

Chez_Bernard_Food2_ credit_Liz Perdacher
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Chez_Bernard_Oliver Jiszda

If you like, you can start the morning sparkling with a glass of champagne. Or with coffee (in addition to classics, there are also fancy ones like the Dirty Latte with activated charcoal) and freshly mixed smoothies and juices. My favourite: Green Garden Detox - thanks to agave syrup, it doesn't taste as healthy as it sounds.

The famous bread from the in-house bakery is toasted and topped with all kinds of tasty toppings, edge pieces of brioche get an upgrade and are served as poor knights with berries, sour cream and salted caramel. In addition, there are all kinds of egg dishes, delicacies like home-pickled salmon and a handful of vegan alternatives. And for those who like the original French, the simple croissant to go with the café au lait is also available!

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