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Interior design brand offers incredible designs at fair prices. Unusual. Original. Perfect for everyday life. Or as the team describes it, "no champagne, no private view, just affordable new design at your fingertips."

They simplified extravagant processes, began working directly with producers, and created a new generation of furniture designs. Commercial processes are relentlessly scrutinised and new ways of offering good design at affordable pricing are constantly sought.

With meticulous, state of the art form, each collection should accompany your very personal living style. offers furniture and living accessories that will help you newly discover your interior again and again. With lots of love for the details that make a design unique.

Each individual piece is an affair of the heart and the team is happy only when a new design meets all of their expectations. A resolution we found to hold true at our visit to Germany’s first showroom on Friedrichstrasse.

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Founded in England seven years ago, has established itself on the German market since 2015. On April 1st, the Austrian online shop followed and they’re planning on going live in Switzerland this year as well.

New items are released almost every week, and are increasingly made in cooperation with successful international designers. In the future, this will allow the creation of even more individually unique collections which would like to use to help establish its style alongside their own creative team’s work. Modern materials and and splashes of bold colours will continue to be the focus.

The majority of fabrics, dishes, and even cutlery are produced in Portugal and a lot of the furniture in England. These aren’t generally made until the order is received, so that there’s no warehousing and, most importantly, no waste. There’s a certain level of ecological consideration.

In the Berlin showroom, you can take in a rotating selection of highlights from various collections in a relaxed atmosphere. With the help of a lovely employee, we manoeuvred our way through pricing, sizing, and more information on individual products using interactive tablets.

We marvelled at wonderfully casual floral arrangements, from none other than the renowned Berlin florist Marsano, picked out postcards and fabric samples of our favourite pieces from the prepared boxes, and took our planning to the next step on the domestic calculator on

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