Singular Society Noble basics at the manufacturer's price

Wednesday, July 12 2023

The Swedish company Singular Society wants nothing less than to establish a completely new way of consumption. Through a membership, one gets access from Germany, Sweden and Denmark to noble products from their online shop, made in the best manufactories in the world, but at the pure manufacturer's cost. Origin, material and even the price calculation are made entirely transparent for every single item.

Why is quality so expensive? Why do things cost so much even though they are often very cheap to produce? What if products were offered as a service and not to make large profit margins? Questions that the founding team of Singular Society asked themselves before they started to turn the retail trade upside down with their innovative concept.

More quality means longevity and thus, less consumption. And that is what the future will be about. The problem up to now has been that high-quality products almost always come at a high price. This made them accessible only to a small circle of consumers. So what, the team behind Singular Society asked themselves, if quality costs a fraction of the traditional price?

Singular Society Shirts
Singular Society Töpfe
Singular Society T-Shirt
Singular Society Messer
Singular Society Hemd
Singular Society Badezimmer
Singular Society Sonnenbrille
Singular Society Handtücher
Singular Society Sonnebrille Herren
Singular Society Shower Gel
Singular Society Leinenkleid

The solution was memberships. Through a monthly or annual subscription, customers now secure the option to purchase unlimited high-quality products at the manufacturer's price. Timeless products, including Mulberry silk shirts, fluffy towels, Scottish woven blankets, Italian tableware, scented candles, wine, and hand-roasted coffee.

All are made exclusively for Singular Society by leading international manufacturers or the best, primarily traditional producers. Ceramics, for example, come from Enza Fasano in Puglia, casual wear from Valerius in Portugal, handmade hats from Arhas International in France and sunglasses from Nakanishi Vision in Japan or cashmere blankets made of the finest cashmere with 100% GCS certification from Alex Begg in Scotland.

Currently, there is only one flagship store worldwide in Stockholm, everything else runs via Singular Society's online shop. The membership price is €9.50 per month if billed monthly or €95 for the whole year if subscribed annually. The membership has a commitment period of twelve months and is automatically renewed for another year if it is not cancelled. Basically, the more members, the better the prices!

There is no store in Berlin yet either, but at least there is a showroom, also used as an event location in Auguststraße. Furnished with furniture by Cristina Carulla, a renowned interior designer from Barcelona, guests can experience the Singular Society brand and its products here. Regular events on a wide variety of topics are planned. We will keep you up to date on this on Creme Guides.

For the moment, we are simply thrilled. The purist design, the excellent materials and the beautiful stories behind all the things that will not only accompany us through our everyday lives from now on. You can find the online shop of Singular Society here.

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