StoffkontorHanseatic Understatement for Bed and Bath

Friday, December 08, 2017
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 weiß

In 1999, I purchased my first Stoffkontor set of bedlinen. 18 years have passed and we still keep the bedding. My son grew up with it, guests have slept in it, it moved and travelled with us. And during all this time, form and color haven’t faded a bit.

Obviously it got some company though. Throughout the years, many different sets came into the family of Stoffkontor bedclothes. Adorned with little cloth buttons, enveloped in small pillowcases. The decisions were never easily made, every set of linen at Stoffkontor is prettier than the next.

All cloth batterns are woven in Italy according to Stoffkontor’s own drafts and designs and are further processed in Germany. That way, customized linen designs and formats are available at all times - something that my relatives appreciate.

The shelves of the store located inside Kaufmannshaus are always filled with stacks of the most wonderful, color-coordinated linen. Any design comes with ideas for a matching plaid or bed cover. You’ll find anything from enticingly beautiful nightwear to elegant gowns, as well as the softest towels, made of high-quality terrycloth, and patterned bathroom rugs.

Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 hellgrau kariert
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 blaugrau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 hellblau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 rosa und blau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 grau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 dunkelblau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 grau weiß kariert

Fortunately for anyone outside of Hamburg, there’s the online shop that makes it possible to order anything at anytime from home. Whether you’re looking for the one-of-a-kind bedlinen, woolen blankets, towels or the little details such as slippers or hot-water bottles.

Hop on the couch, put your feet up and take your time to decide which of the breathtaking linens you want to spend the rest of your life in.

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