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Stoffkontor Bedlinen from Hamburg | CREME GUIDES

Stoffkontor The most beautiful Bedlinen from Hamburg

Monday, November 12 2018

Besides the fantastic collection of bed sheets, the wonderful online shop Stoffkontor out of Hamburg also sells comfy wool blankets, soft towels and bathmats, as well as made-in-Germany felt slippers. Here, owners Edda Binné and her team affectionately continue what they do in their physical shop.

For over 25 years, the traditional business has been producing bedding out of fabrics based exclusively on their own designs and woven in Italy and Portugal for Stoffkontor. These are then processed further in the outskirts of Berlin, where buttons are applied and they are finally packaged into pillow covers, and shipped to Hamburg retailers.

Thanks to direct sales, Stoffkontor is able to offer its bed- and pillow covers at unmatched prices, based on its outstanding quality. Those who prefer a personal consultation can speak with Stoffkontor’s owner Edda Binné or her employees on the phone during opening hours.

Bedding, wool blankets and more are also perfect as presents. As well as gift certificates, with which a very lucky person can fulfil their own special wish. And they can do so both in the online store as well as in the beautiful new shop in Rotherbaum, or in Stoffkontor’s warehouse in Winterhude.

Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 hellgrau kariert
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 blaugrau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 hellblau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 rosa und blau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 grau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 dunkelblau
Stoffkontor Bettwäsche Kollektion 2015 grau weiß kariert
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