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Tuesday, December 29 2015


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Farewell, throw-away trends! I've maintained this stance for years, saving myself the frustration of would-be favourite clothes that fall apart after two wash cycles. I'd much rather invest here and there in high-quality basics or special items I can be sure will accompany me through the next season.

Where can I find such pieces? Amongst other places, in the online shop Cashmere Fashion I’ve only recently discovered. As the name would suggest, there are beautiful cashmere jumpers and cardigans as well as accessories like hats and scarves of the same fine material. But the product line has more to offer- with blouses, dresses, and shirts of flowing silk and unique leather handbags and backpacks, the collection promises to stay current all year.

Behind the harmonious selection is Raphaela Geißler, who runs the München Stillsegler branch as well as the boutique es ce fashion in Schwabing under the overarching slogan We select. All of her stores provide long-lasting, eco-friendly fashion: "For me, it's about significance and quality that last. More about hand-picked, stylish choices than the blanket reproduction of fast-moving trends," she explains to me.

Cashmere Fashion Reptiles House Tasche
Cashmere Fashion 81Hours Pullover
Cashmere Fashion 10per3 Kaschmirschal
Cashmere Fashion 81Hours Kaschmirkleid
Cashmere Fashion Villa Gaia Seidenkleid
Cashmere Fashion Bruno Manetti Kaschmirpullover
Cashmere Fashion Villa Gaia Kaschmirmütze
Cashmere Fashion Reptiles House Lederrucksack

This claim is mirrored in the special brands the charismatic entrepreneur includes in her assortment. For example, I was introduced to the young fashion label ENGAGE from München. They produce beautiful, no-frills women's fashion pieces of pure cashmere- in a seamlessly conscientious production line. Villa Gaia, a brand based on Lake Chiem, similarly caught my eye. They also stand for clear-cut, timeless design, precious natural materials, and sustainable luxury.

Raphaela Geißler acquired her taste for fashion and quality from her mother, who founded the Schwabing boutique now run by her daughter over forty years ago. They have regulars who have been exclusively turning to the store's style consultants since its opening. A pretty convincing signboard if you ask me!

And thanks to the online shop Cashmere Fashion, the unique selection of top-quality fashion and classy accessories is no longer only available to München residents. Not even the individual advice from the cashmere experts is missing from the online experience- if you want, you can access it quite easily via telephone.

Your next all-time favourite outfit may be just a few clicks away… Tempting, right?

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