Cloud 7 The Most Beautiful Dog Accessories in the Web

Friday, August 22 2014


When I saw Petra Jungebluth’s exclusive dog-collection for the first time at a convention in Paris in January 2012 I spontaneously turned into a dog lover. What a discovery! Finally someone is bringing some style into the popular subject that is dog accessories.

The former designer, who has worked for clients like Tommy Hilfiger and Strenesse, created a collection that impresses by its modern and straightforward design. Matched with high-end and eco-friendly materials she creates products that are loved by dog owners as well as their dogs.

They fit perfectly in any apartment and one might almost get a little jealous not to fit in these tiny beds. Even the feeding bowl and the toys are easy on the eye and there was only one question on my mind: Why doesn’t she have anything like that for my cat?

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