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Friday, December 16 2016


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The compilation of this magazine inevitably means that we deal with nice things. Constantly, daily. Does this dull our sense for spotting the extraordinary? Nonsense, it only sharpens it. In a day and age where "bling bling" is part of everyday life, minimalistic luxury holds special value.

One new label that we’ve seen succeed with flying colours is Treuleben. Borne of the souther German trading company Treuleben+Bischof, the brand for fine leather and paper products has recently reinvented itself.

The first series of notebooks, pocket calendars, and diaries is now available on the just recently opened online shop. Each product is individually prepared by hand.

From fine leather binding and threaded pages made of a special paper, to the practical envelope cover of the back inside, each detail speaks for itself: a testimony to century-old tradition and experience, yet at the same time a perfect image of modern luxury.

Treuleben notebooks and calendars invite you to take the time to record special thoughts, experiences, and appointments by hand. Sure, our smartphones will reliably remind us of that dentist appointment and prevent the moaning and groaning of tardiness at business meetings. But a fountain pen entry in your own book creates anticipation and holds on to personal memories. Not just until the end of the quarter, but for eternity.

Treuleben - Aufteilung Work Life Kalender
Treuleben - Work Life Kalender in neun Farben
Treuleben - Hochwertige Notizbücher und Kalender
Treuleben - Kalender mit Geschenkbox
Treuleben - Work Life Kalender im Farbton 'Black'
Treuleben - Kuverttasche im Einband
Treuleben - Notizbuch
Treuleben - Manufakturherstellung

One particularly wonderful idea in this sense is Treuleben’s Work Life calendar, which gathers the vile workdays in one column, leaving plenty of space for the weekend. This encourages the owner to do something for themselves, shifting the focus to the truly important stuff. A wonderful gift for people with arguably too little time, as well as those who already have everything.

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