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Monday, July 28 2014

Do you know that feeling, you're on vacation taking a shower in your hotel, and you're falling in love with your shampoo? Or you enjoy a romantic dinner at the hotel's own restaurant and you keep picturing those beautiful wine glasses on your own dinner table? Let alone that fluffy bathrobe that would make lazy days at home feel like holidays all over again...

Online store hotel4home has come to help. I just recently discovered it and it was love at first sight. I love staying at hotels and have always looked for specific hotel items that I liked especially. So far, my research had stopped at care products. The idea that I might just as well look for tea, coffee, wine or even porcelain, tableware and terrycloth had not even crossed my mind.

You can actually get all that at hotel4home. Everything, even lamps and furniture. I even found that fantastic COCO-MAT bed that I recently slept in in Amsterdam. And the care series REN that I was so excited about discovering in Hamburg's Side Hotel two years ago. Added to my shopping cart was yet another fragrant little thing: a scented candle from The Regent Hotel in Berlin that, upon its arrival, has transformed my home into a summer mansion on Capri. You know all about my weakness for scents...

hotel4home Hotelbett online bestellen
hotel4home Welzel Kissen online bestellen
hotel4home REN online bestellen
hotel4home Duftkerze online bestellen
hotel4home Schokolade The Regent online bestellen
hotel4home Weisses Roessl Torte online bestellen

The store opened its virtual doors in January 2012 and has been expanding ever since. You can spend hours roaming, looking at make-up mirrors with magnifiers, spreads and plaids by Zoeppritz or miniature sets of care products. The category 'Restaurant & Bar' offers such things as cake from the Hotel 'Im Weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee', or extra big bars of Tuscan Gianduja chocolate with over 50% of whole hazelnuts, that I can only hardly resist.

A great concept, as I think, that bears infinte potential seeing how Berlin and the rest of the world have so much more great hotels, and even more exceptional equipment to offer.

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