Michelin-starred restaurant Michael's Leitenberg Insider tip in the Munich countryside

Wednesday, June 29 2022

Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday: 5.30pm - 11.00pm

Sunday: 11.30am - 3.00pm & 5.30pm - 11.00pm


Michael's Leitenberg
Weiherweg 3
83112 Frasdorf bei Rosenheim
.How to get there


+49 805 222 24

With excellent restaurants, it's like with a new love: you can never get enough, you want to tell the whole world and would love to celebrate reunions every day. A great recommendation when it comes to maximum enjoyment that delights the heart is the Michelin-starred restaurant Michael's Leitenberg in Chiemgau. 

Around 80 kilometres from Munich, owner Michael Schlaipfer cooks with passion and the highest standards in the tranquil village of Leitenberg near Frasdorf: "I am a product lover through and through. Everything has to be fresh, high-quality and original."

This premise also applies to the interior of the upscale restaurant: elegant shades of grey and white, interspersed with accents of blue, harmonised with simple wooden elements and stylish globe lamps in silver. Outside on the terrace, the Alpine panorama and unspoilt nature are just as enchanting in fine weather.

After all, you are in the countryside surrounding Munich, inbetween meadows, forests and farms, far from trams, pedestrian zones and high-rise buildings. So guests at Michael's Leitenberg find fabulously delicious creations in the middle of the most idyllic Bavarian landscape - a real insider tip! 

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You can choose between five, six and eight courses. Usually, only one of the dishes contains meat, while the others focus on fish (preferably from French Brittany with a guarantee of freshness) and high-quality vegetables. Even the greetings from the kitchen are as creative as they are tasty: duck liver praliné with cola and onions, a Wagyu macaron and beetroot spuma with salmon tartare.

All the other courses are not only refined but also arranged with great attention to detail. Particularly charming: the microgreens used, such as edible flowers and herbs, are grown in transparent plant cubes in the restaurant.

And because there are neither Uber nor subways in Chiemgau, drivers are best advised to choose the anti-alcoholic accompaniment, which is an excellent alternative to wine pairing in terms of gusto and finesse. The juices, decoctions and emulsions are almost all homemade and taste wonderfully refreshing. Our favourites: Lemongrass-Ginger and Green Tea-Cassis.

In addition to the homemade sourdough bread with butter in a mini triangle format, the trout with sour cream fan (subtle acidity and elegant creaminess!) and the Maibock with kohlrabi, blueberry, and roasted cocoa were particularly impressive.

But the dessert with strawberries, mascarpone and lovage also provides aromatic delights and shows, like every other course, that Michael Schlaipfer more than understands his craft. "The fifth sense of taste, umami, means tasty, delicious, spicy - that's exactly what I want to offer my guests," explains the young cooking talent. "Our menus, therefore, have an exciting aromatic structure."

The Guide Michelin honoured Michael Schlaipfer's innovative food concept with a star for the first time at the beginning of 2022. "I turned my hobby into a profession, learned everything myself and now create what I think is good," explains the owner.

Without renowned cooking schools or stations in fine-dining establishments, Michael Schlaipfer has turned his parents' middle-class inn into an international gourmet spot that you immediately fall in love with.

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Michelin-starred restaurant Michael’s Leitenberg – Insider tip in the Munich countryside
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