Bar Mural Unpretentious wine bar with regional cuisine

Monday, February 12 2024

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Monday to Thursday 18-1
Friday + Saturday 18-2


Bar Mural
Theresienstraße 1
80333 Munich-Altstadt
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A wine bar with five-course menus? Welcome to the Mural bar! Situated between the university and Odeonsplatz, this offshoot of the Mural Farmhouse restaurant serves top European wines and delicious dishes created exclusively with local ingredients. A refreshing gastronomic concept that is wonderfully unpretentious.

Expect the unexpected: In life, you should always be open to surprises. This applies not only to unforeseen interpersonal encounters but also to unanticipated culinary discoveries. Bar Mural in Theresienstraße, not far from the university, is one such place: refreshingly different than expected.

Firstly, there's the location. Surrounded by smart office buildings and owner-occupied flats, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a noble location with many suits. However, Bar Mural has a relaxed, informal atmosphere; people are on first-name terms, and the clientele is a colourful mix.

On the other hand, the menu is impressive. In addition to classics such as a selection of ham and cheese, there is excellent bread from Julius Branter as well as oysters and more than half a dozen delicate dishes that can be served as an optional multi-course menu, such as chicory with smoked hollandaise and hazelnuts, char with cauliflower or a beef onglet with leek and shiitake.

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In keeping with the Mural premise, "Eat local, drink natural", the drinks menu includes cocktail classics and natural wines. These come exclusively from Europe and are charmingly served by the service staff with the appropriate background knowledge.

Another speciality: Mondays at Bar Mural are themed "Glou Glou". This means that exclusive bottles, for example, from Burgundy or Champagne, are served by the glass with corresponding dishes.

With this abundance of beautiful events, one would like to spend every evening in the Bar Mural - anticipating the unexpected.

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Bar Mural – Unpretentious wine bar with regional cuisine
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