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Monday, October 16 2023

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Tuesday to Friday: noon - 7:00pm

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Pit's Wein
Dorotheenstrasse 140
22301 Hamburg-Winterhude
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+49 173 705 85 37

Often, a gentle pling testifies to special moments: Whether it's a birthday party, a graduation or simply a wonderful moment underlined with a remarkable drop of wine. Peter Koch supplies connoisseurs in Winterhude and beyond with the right wine for every occasion in his wine shop, Pit's Wein.

His logo - two wine glasses toasting each other - is a self-explanatory programme. But Pit, Peter's nickname, not only has one or two special bottles to offer. He knows how to tell a special story about each of them. And listening to him is a pleasure. As soon as he starts talking, you think you can see the Sicilian vines in your mind's eye, and you can already sense the sea breeze on your palate.

He raves about one of his current favourite bottles: a Grillo Mozia 2021 from the small island of Mozia, a few kilometres from the Sicilian mainland. "The island wine from the autochthonous Grillo grape variety naturally benefits from the Italian sun and the cooling coastal wind," the wine connoisseur reveals.

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The island itself also has a unique ecosystem. The Fondazione Whitaker and the Tasca d'Almerita family joined forces here to revive the historic vineyard of the Phoenician island, which is also archaeologically exciting. The Grillo grapes are harvested in the early hours of the morning and transported by boat to the mainland to be vinified there.

This is a special wine, just like the many exceptional and carefully curated wines from all over the world that can be found at Pit. Among them are some South African wines, as Pit himself lived there for a short time. In addition, of course, there are Italian and French wines - "If you are looking for a nice sparkling wine, of course, you can't avoid Champagne... and Prosecco is also very worthwhile!" - but Pit also offers fine German wines.

A small selection of delicacies such as oils, sugo and pasta (spaghetti and fusilli) complete Pit's wine range. At the moment, the Portuguese vineyards are particularly close to his heart, and he is currently delving into them in order to expand the range in the shop: "There are such great wines and growing regions there," he begins to rave about the Douro Valley, for example.

With so much passion for the juice of the vine, it is little wonder that Peter once turned his hobby of wine into a profession. You immediately feel the passion and expertise around each of his bottles when you enter his cosy little shop. And so you go in search of a new favourite bottle and let Pit tell you something about it.

For him, wine is much more than a drink; it is an experience to be shared and enjoyed with friends and loved ones. It is a matter of honour that one or two glasses are also enjoyed on-site. The perfect place for this is undoubtedly the lush olive tree and bench in front of the shop - a great place for a toast.

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