Riceteria Hamburg’s Most Colourful Shop

Wednesday, November 22 2017

Opening Times

Daily: 8.00 am - 4.00 pm


Eppendorfer Landstraße 144
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
.How to get there


+49 40 79090501

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a mood boost at Riceteria when they need it! For me, this always turns into a frantic shopping spree. I’ve been a fan of Danish label Rice for a while, and I’m always getting excited about new things- like when I open my kitchen cupboards to brightly coloured melamine plates and cups smiling back at me.

Riceteria is the most wonderful El Dorado for all fans of the Danish label. The cheery brand’s entire range of products covers 100 square meters in the middle of Eppendorf. The integrated bistro offers aromatic coffee and a large vitrine of such creatively and decadently built sandwiches, it’s hard to resist.

Rice was founded in 1998 in Denmark by Charlotte Hedemann Guéniau. Alongside the popular colourful plates, you can find pillows, handbags, and baskets as well as candleholders, birthday decorations, and- naturally- pretty accessories for Christmas time in their seasonal collection.

The designer and author doesn’t just want to make her customers happy with her products, but also abides by very high ethical standards. Most of her products are thereby produced in third world countries- in strict accordance with human rights laws and under healthy working conditions.

Café Concept Store Riceteria Hamburg-6
Café Concept Store Riceteria Hamburg-5
Café Concept Store Riceteria Hamburg-7
Café Concept Store Riceteria Hamburg-2
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Café Concept Store Riceteria Hamburg-3
Café Concept Store Riceteria Hamburg-1

Riceteria is part shop, part cafe, and in Hamburg is equal to a huge old two-story flat with pretty wooden flooring, high ceilings, playful carpets, and a large dose of coziness. Everywhere you look, colourful sofas and chairs invite you to chill, read, and drink coffee.

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Riceteria – Hamburg’s Most Colourful Shop
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