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Wednesday, March 06 2024

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Wednesday to Friday 11-18
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Karolinenstraße 1A
20357 Hamburg-St. Pauli
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Its silky, sensual feel and sheer endless variations can make you go into raptures: fine paper is perhaps underestimated as a material. Yet everyone knows the pleasure of stroking a velvety cover or simply receiving a few friendly lines on paper.

Soraya and Max Kuehne bring together the most exquisite stationery and traditional craftsmanship in their newly opened Paperlux store. The two founders and heads of the Paperlux design studio have been working for and with German and international clients such as Lanserhof, Hermès Paris and Mercedes-Benz Mobility since 2006. In this role, they see themselves as an "artisan studio, haptic laboratory and interdisciplinary thinking space in which analog sustainable experiences are created."

In the Paperlux store, they now offer Paper Pop Culture for Hamburg paper lovers and design enthusiasts, typography freaks, Japan fans and product aesthetes. The creatives offer self-designed guest books as well as notebooks, the bestseller "One Word a Day" (best in combination with a beautifully designed hourglass), books and magazines, Japanese stationery, all kinds of gift ideas such as enchanting birthday cards and carefully selected publications from Hamburg and around the world.

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The upcycling special editions, which are available for a limited time, also attract particular attention. However, it is not just the extraordinary range that makes an impression, but also the amazing room-in-room concept from a collaboration between Max Kuehne and the AENY design studio: Karen Begemann's bookbindery, which Soraya and Max Kuehne have now taken over with their concept, has been located in the idyllic backyard of a former machine factory in the Karoviertel district since 1987. With it came the old "Wilma" cutting machine, which will regularly fill the Paperlux store with sound.

An adequate soundscape, if you ask us, for all imaginable and unimaginable variations that paper makes possible. Beautifully designed, handmade and full of passion for the craft.

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Paperlux Store – Paper art in the Karoviertel
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