Rotkäppchen Designs Unique headdresses for individual heads

Wednesday, March 02 2022

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Rotkäppchen designs.
Glashüttenstraße 102
20357 Hamburg-St. Pauli
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+49 40 88145364

A hat lends elegance, strength and individuality - it can break the norm or be a uniform. The history of the hat is old and full of suspense; sometimes, hats are en vogue, sometimes no longer in fashion. However, one thing is for sure: a matching headdress can perfectly round off almost any outfit, or should we say crown it?

When it comes to hats in Hamburg, one quickly comes across Rotkäppchen Designs and Ulla Machalett. Her shop in Hamburg's Karolinenviertel is an El Dorado for people who love headwear. Caps, hats, bridal arrangements, headbands and hats in muted or bright colours, classic or extravagant shapes adorn the displays, walls and shelves. You immediately feel like trying on the exclusively handmade models and finding the right piece for your own head under Ulla's expert and patient advice.

Rotkäppchen Designs began with a documentary about fashion designers. When Ulla Machalett saw it as a 15-year-old teenager, she knew: That's what I want to do. The energetic woman with hands that love to create began training as a milliner, which she completed in 2003. In 2008, enriched by valuable experience at first-class hat salons in Würzburg and Vienna and the title of master fashion designer, she founded her label and discovered the perfect home for her lovingly run shop in the lively Karoviertel.

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Rotkäppchen Designs has resided there ever since and reopened in February 2022 after a severe fire had almost completely devastated the entire building and the shops inside. Now the shop shines in new splendour and delights its owner and customers alike. Every moment you spend in this beautiful shop, among all the hat creations, you can feel how happy Ulla Machalett is with her choice of profession.

And you can see this joy in her work. Everything is made with dedication, creativity, love and craftsmanship at the highest level and is tailored and shaped to fit the wearer exactly. Because in addition to colour and model, an exact fit is crucial for hats. Hats should simply fit perfectly.

We would like to advise everyone who wants to complete their wardrobe with a unique piece from Rotkäppchen Designs to take the time to visit them at Glashüttenstraße 102. We are already looking forward to the next shopping trip to  Karolinenviertel, chatting with Ulla Machalett and purchasing one of her sheltering pieces.

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