Puschi Schmidtkes Radsalon The City's Most Beautiful Bicycles

Tuesday, May 20 2014

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 11.00 am - 6.00 pm


Puschi Schmidtkes Radsalon
Dorotheenstraße 176
22299 Hamburg-Winterhude
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+49 40 445 06 471

I do not like my bike any longer. While I've always been full of appreciation of my run-of-the-mill bicycle, I must now have a new one. Or two. Because I lost my heart to Puschi Schmidtkes Radsalon – a store with an abundance of two-wheeled beauties that'll make anyone weak in the knees!

Arndt-B. Janssen has always had a thing for bikes. At 14 he travelled through Norway on a racer. No distance was ever too far, no road too rocky. But his dream of owning a bike store only came true in 2009, after a first attempt at a career in IT. At Puschi Schmitkes Radsalon – a name that is a self creation and has obviously nothing to do with his real name, but sounds just so much better – you'll find bicycles that will exceed your expectations, in both quality and looks.

It is also the only store in Northern Germany that sells bikes by renowned British bicycle manufacturer Pashley. This long-established company from the UK has been crafting classic men's and women's bicycles since 1926. Each piece is unique and made with inexplicable passion and love for detail.


Puschi Schmidtke is also Hamburg's sole seller of bike beauties by Danish brand VIVA. Or the handmade design classics by Bella Ciao. I am absolutely sold on those light, elegant Italians. And whoever is not yet satisfied with the level of individuality offered so far can have their own bike custom-made from scratch by Arndt-B. Janssen. Together with his devoted colleagues, he also creates speedbikes accoding to the customer's wishes.

Everything is arranged and staged so perfectly, the store truly deserves the 'salon' in its name. Treating yourself to one of their new bicycles is nothing but pure joy. However, Puschki Schmidtke has a soft spot for broken bikes too, and offers an all-round service that takes care of any fixing, patching, mending or renewing necessary. 

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Puschi Schmidtkes Radsalon – The City’s Most Beautiful Bicycles
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