Baegeri Effort, attention and sufficient time

Tuesday, May 31 2022

Opening Times

Wednesday to Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am - 6:00pm


Beim Grünen Jäger 14
20359 Hamburg-St. Pauli
.How to get there


+49 40 854 037 80

Baegeri has been around since late summer 2021. Fabio Haebel, who also runs Haebel and the XO Seafood Bar, has opened a modern bakery in the former tattoo studio of 187 Straßenbande at Grüner Jäger in Hamburg. In the spacious, bright shop, various breakfast creations and coffee specialities as well as all excellent bread made from sourdough, are on the menu.

The Baegeri concept is strongly influenced by Mike, the master baker from Munich. Even as a boy, he was regularly on the go when it came to bread, bringing home the Sunday rolls for the family. He was invited to the bakery, where he got the Sunday rolls one day, and between the bakers having breakfast in the fragrant bakery, he realised that this was what he wanted to do. Become a baker.

Today Mike is the man who makes his sourdough bread for the customers at Baegeri. With effort, attention, enough time, expertise and the right feeling for the planet sourdough. Because baking good, long-lasting bread requires high-quality raw materials, a good baker, experience, intuition and a love for the craft.

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You can taste all of this when enjoying Baegeri's loaves of bread and sweet pastries. Another big plus is that the products stay fresh for around five to seven days, even if they are not packaged. Furthermore, one sustainable feature is that bread chips are baked from dough scraps that no longer yield enough mass to form a loaf. Baegeri sells them in packets and in different flavours.

So nibbling can also be healthy. It is almost superfluous to mention that all Baegeri products are made exclusively from ingredients of natural origin. In addition to high quality, it is essential for the Baegeri team to work transparently. The bakery in the shop is open and visible. The bread is kneaded and baked in front of the customers. So the Baegeri staff are always available and grateful for questions.

We had the pleasure of having breakfast at Baegeri and started our tasting with Japanese shokupan bread, which reminded us of brioche both in its consistency and its slightly sweet taste. The St. Pauli Loaf, fluffy, juicy wheat bread with a crispy crust, tastes just as good to us as the pure rye bread with extra seeds.

The crispy La Flute is delicious, spread with homemade blueberry jam and topped with spicy cheese in the savoury version. The Franz Bun with cardamom, lime and cinnamon also convinces all along the line. It is served with homemade, wonderfully fluffy butter, finely chopped chives, and refreshing grapefruit with mint, sugar and olive oil.

The coffee for breakfast, honey washed coffee from Guatemala, is roasted and packaged by Mr Hoban in Wedel near Hamburg. In the future, the makers of Baegeri plan to expand their product range to include tarts, croissants and cakes. So we can only warmly recommend a visit to Baegeri, friends of delicious baked goods and good coffee. And before we forget, fresh rolls are baked at Baegeri on Sundays. Yummy.

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Baegeri – Effort, attention and sufficient time
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