Zeit für Brot The cult cinnamon buns from Berlin

Tuesday, February 27 2024

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 7-20
Saturday 7.30-19
Sunday 8-19


Ottenser Hauptstraße 41
22765 Hamburg-Altona
.How to get there


Eppendorfer Baum 25

In Berlin, people love the legendary cinnamon buns from Zeit für Brot so much that you are guaranteed to have to queue for the delicious yeast pastries. For a few years now, the Hanseatic city has also been devouring the fluffy temptation and queuing for them in Altona and at Eppendorfer Baum.

The organic bakeries with their glass-front are not only appreciated by those who like it cinnamon-y and moist. Excellent sourdough bread, crusty rolls or tasty snacks made from organic ingredients, including freshly prepared coffee specialities, attract just as many customers.

A hearty Bircher muesli or sandwiches are just the thing for a small lunchtime snack. They are fresh and delicious, topped with cheese, hummus or homemade pea and egg cream.

Another particularly appealing feature is that you can peek into the open bakery while enjoying your meal. A look over the shoulders of the bakers provides an insight into the real baker's craft - and, of course, you can taste it.

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The house bread, a mixed wheat bread with a long spelt sourdough, proves to be moist, large-pored, and, with its crispy crust, can also be enjoyed simply with butter. The spelt sticks or juicy vegan focaccia are also a fantastic snack between meals.

But if you've already moved up in the queue, you should also have one of the delicious snails wrapped up. Anything else would be a minor sin. Not only cinnamon but also other varieties such as apple cinnamon, walnut maple, dark chocolate or white chocolate raspberry are highly recommended.

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Zeit für Brot – The cult cinnamon buns from Berlin
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